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Maintaining the life-training balance
Maintaining the life-training balance
This blog hopes to focus on the "life" side of the training-life balance that anyone training for triathlon will know can be difficult to juggle. No one really cares what interval set I ran today and how high my heart rate got so I won't try and impress anyone with those stats. Stats make the world go round though so for those who are interested I will have Garmin data available for each training session, most stats i throw around on a saturday night are made up, sadly thats not an option with the garmin so you can be assured at least that aspect of this blog will be honest.

Its Time for a New Challenge - Swimming 10km for 10k

malcolmclelandby malcolmclelandNov 21st 2012
All my posts to date have been somewhat tongue in cheek with minimal relevance to the actual training I was undertaking. This post is different, in a big way.

Introducing the 10kfor10k challenge!

I, along with best mate Ben Richmond are going to attack the State Epic 10km open-water swim. The more funds raised the harder we train, and the bigger impact we can make for water safety in NZ. Join the journey!

We plan to raise $10,000, yes $10,000, for watersafetyNZ by completing the 10km State open water swim on January 13th 2013 in Lake Taupo. $10k is enough to put 200 kids through swimming lessons that will allow them to safely enjoy the water with friends and family for the remainder of their lives.

Please drop by our fundraising page to have a look how we're going and for a bit more background info, any donation is appreciated!
NoRestDays Summary - Thanks to my sponsors...
malcolmclelandby malcolmcleland Oct 21st 2012
NoRestDays Day 21 - 21st Birthdays
malcolmclelandby malcolmcleland Oct 21st 2012
21st birthdays are a love them or hate them kind of affair. One type of party involves having an amazing time with friends and family who share stories about how you've been the perfect child who never put a foot wrong. The other type of 21st is whe...
NoRestDays Day 20 - Contagious Infections
malcolmclelandby malcolmcleland Oct 21st 2012
Some things in life are contagious and infectious, some things aren't. Some things in life are really good for you, other things aren't. Everyone knows a thing or two about infections that aren't good for you, most are an easy fix with a simple litt...
NoRestDays Day 19 - New Experiences
malcolmclelandby malcolmcleland Oct 21st 2012
No, this entry does not contain any references to any event on foreign soil, that's not to say it couldn't. I could easily write 21 blog entries about some of the new experiences we got in 19 days in Thailand, but since work colleagues may be readin...
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