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Chubby Csaba reborn
After skipping Dublin City Marathon Csaba finds new motivation, facing the Hell!&Back Challenge, 29th of January! Up-up-up in the mountains!!!!


shan001by shan001Feb 1st 2012
I would love to report that I┬'ve been training so much that I had no energy left to post in the last while, but that is still just a dream. However I managed to accomplish a really tough 10 k trail run/obstacle course challenge last Sunday, called Hell&Back. Ohh dear, it was fun, major goose bumps, and other bumps like Little Sugarloaf etc. There was over 1200 at the start line let go in 3 waves, muddy, wet and funny. Personally it was actually too funny for me. I was delighted with the result, but had plenty to take home other than my wet trail shoes.

At my goal setting this year I set up as a goal that I go short and sharp and revisit the ┬"hurting┬" lessons. That didn┬'t happen in the weekend. In the last few years managed to do a few bits and pieces, but have been as soft as pancake after 90 seconds in the 1200 watt microwave. On the back of this I have thought about different conditions stop me training or training hard. Yeah we all have the little niggles as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runners knee, Achilles tendon and all the rest we may have. I find these conditions are treated the best of times according to how eager I am to return back training. Later on I may look into the physical limiters as well, but let┬'s flick the coin one more time and see what┬'s beyond. Mental limiters. What are my mental blocks, is it the cold, rainy or cloudy weather? Or the last grumpy person at the petrol station, or in traffic? I don┬'t try to blame anyone above, it┬'s all me being soft in the approach of training, just if I could be more aware of what is the trigger which shoots me on the couch with 800 grams of Nutella┬... Probably there is lot to do with hours of sleep and diet. Do you really need to meditate to control this or is there any other way? There is another example as well, just from the weekend. I finished the challenge with barely being out of breath, such as engine build for 12000 RPM, but automatically limit at 9000RPM. I felt like I could do the course again probably only few minutes slower. Where do I turn this off? :)

Anyone knows what I┬'m on about here and knows how to fix it is more than welcome to slap me on the face, with his/her idea to wake up and shake up.

As Kinachiro Onittsuka┬'s quote says ┬"All you need to do after falling down is to stand up┬". So let┬'s stand up and hurt!
TriRachby member: TriRach, May 25th 2012 16:45
Looks like great fun where is this race? Wondering about some fun races to train for for next year!
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