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1000milesby 1000milesApr 16th 2014
About Me
My name is Marie-Claire Oziem, I'm 25, I live in Bristol, and I’ve been running since I was a whipper snapper - but never anything like this. I grew up in the North where the Lakes, Peaks and Snowdonia were only a stones throw away. It was here that my Dad taught me to love the outdoors.

Last year, I cycled from Cairo to Cape Town. Months of pedalling left me missing the ease of running - the simplicity of just putting on a pair of trainers and going. I knew that my next challenge would see a return to this mode of transport - a back to basics approach.

The idea of running from John O'Groats to Land's End blossomed on the Isle of Skye. I had never spent much time in Scotland and I ventured up there purely to put in some cycling preparation for my 9000 mile trip.

I left in awe.

I've travelled a lot over the past few years, always with the same motivation - to see places of natural beauty. Somewhere on that magical island it dawned on me that the British Isles was endowed with some of the most rugged and epic landscape in the world, and I'd still only seen a tiny portion of it. I knew it was time to see more and to spread the word.

One thing I noticed whilst cycling in Africa was that you can't properly experience a place unless you use your own steam to travel across it. Travelling passively in a car doesn't do it for me. You might avoid the misery of the long, unyielding inclines or the headwinds but you also miss the intricacies of the land, the people and the joy that comes from being a part of it.

For me - this trip had to be a run, it had to be a real physical challenge and it had to be an adventure.

As of mid-June 2014 I will be living, breathing and plodding the British Isles in all its summer-filled glory.

Go Wild, Stay Well.

About Me
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