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The Charity

1000milesby 1000milesApr 16th 2014
'Go Wild, Stay Well' is a project run by Mind TWS in partnership with Somerset WildlifeTrust (SWT), the National Trust and Exmoor National Park. The aim of the scheme is to offer 'positive volunteering opportunities outdoors for people experiencing mental illness'. It enables the participants to access wild-life rich nature reserves and to partake in activities that nurture healthy bodies and healthy minds.

The project also has other wide-ranging benefits. Mental health problems have not only a human and social cost but an economic one - the wider costs of mental illness in England amounts to £105.2 billion a year. Mental illness is the single largest cost to the NHS. Part of the objective of this project is to support people when mental health problems first emerge. By doing so, the aim is to prevent more serious health issues developing that are likely to be expensive and potentially unsustainable for the NHS to support.

Previous projects have had excellent results -

"The project helped build confidence, reduce isolation and improve the employability of many clients ... The importance of ecotherapy as a 'doing therapy' rather than a 'talking therapy' should not be underestimated in the 'menu' of mental health services offered.'
The Charity
The team at Mind TWS are fantastic. I deliberately opted for a local project so that those who donate know that the money gets right to the heart of where it needs to be. I have complete faith that the money will provide no end of positive outcomes in the community.

For me, this project makes sense. Whilst it may not offer the 'cure' - because often there is no 'cure' for mental illness - it allows people who are isolated and suffering alone an opportunity to be 'part of something', to meet like-minded people and to make proactive steps in their own well-being.

I have always found solace in nature, and I am, and always will be, happiest when I'm moving. Many other people feel the same way. That's why you should donate. Next time you sit in the garden and have a BBQ, or take a walk in the park or up a mountain remember the pleasure that you felt from being outside and think how rewarding it would be to make this more accessible for someone else.

Summer is here. So 'Go Wild, Stay Well' and donate to a great cause.


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