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Swim Strength vs Technique

Swim technique vs Power

AdWattsby AdWattsFeb 25th 2014
As a 'non swimmer' (in that i never swan any higher at school than as a back up for the house, i.e not even in the top 4 boys out of the 26 in my house for my year group) my technique has always been at best chaotic! As i spent alot of my youth Rock Climbing i had reletively good upper body endurance which countered this lack of grace, and im sure at times lifeguards must have been close to trying to rescue me thanks to the huge amounts of splashing and gasping!
However, last year i entered the UK Ironman having not swum with any purpose since school so something had to be done!
to start with it was a case of getting in the pool as often as possible and getting more effiecient and less drowney!
this worked and i got round the 3.8k course despite the melle of 1500 people trying to swim in such a confined space - next time ill wear my boxing gloves!
So the Ironman came and went, then the question was, what next? how else could i push myself out of my comfort zone - i know, ill do a 10k open water swim!!
now i can't rely on my Bike and run to make up for lack of talent and finesse in the water, so determined to get a respectable time (and also to win a bet) i started to thrash myself in the pool! yet my times where pretty consistant with before, which at best, where average! yet id get out the pool absolutly knackered, yet not really gotten anywhere!
Thank God for Youtube! after looking up swim techniques and trying to put it into practise, i still wasnt getting any quicker... still i perservered. then after a few weeks, as if by magic it happened! instead of 2k taking me roughly 40minutes, suddenly i did it in 35! surely i must of miscounted??? then the next swim it was the same. Fluke?? Then the one after it dropped a bit more, then a bit more!
Now, with a reduced stroke rate, more stable breathing and a smoother technique ive now lowered my average 2k time to 31minutes! 9 minutes quicker than 6 weeks ago!

It just shows, technique beats strength everyday of the week!! (and perserverence and an open mind to adapting helps too!)

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