Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
A little blog about being a triathlon coach. Here you'll find a little diary about my activities as a coach, the performances of the people I work with and my thoughts and opinions on what makes athletes faster for longer.


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Limbering up for longer distances
AndyBby AndyB Apr 12th 2010
My previous post discussed ways in which to improve your performance over short distance races. For the next few paragraphs I'll discuss how you can limber up for longer distances. I've previously talked about periodising your training year (ch...
Sharpening up for shorter races
AndyBby AndyB Mar 21st 2010
So to continue the story from my last blog. You've put in the time during the winter months training, wrapped up warm through the cold and dark and now you want to pick up the intensity to be swift in the warmer, sunnier conditions that come with th...
Changing times
AndyBby AndyB Mar 5th 2010
The weather here has been very kind of late. The sun has been shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing on the way to the pool at 6:30 as the sun rises but before I get too philosophical this post is more about your training. With many p...
'It takes 10 years of extensive training to excel in anything' - Herbert Simon
AndyBby AndyB Nov 13th 2009
The concept that it takes 10 years to excel in something is not new. It is well recognised that many hours are needed to create a medal winning performance. In 2001 Istvan Balyi published a paper applying this theory to sport and outlined how these...
Athletes should maintain a good equilibrium between training, social life and recovery - Tudor Bompa
AndyBby AndyB Oct 30th 2009
Part 2: After last weeks look at end of season/post race recovery this post at further enhancing it and that bit that many athletes worry about during recovery, losing fitness. Sleep One of the most important ways of allowing your body more...
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