Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
A little blog about being a triathlon coach. Here you'll find a little diary about my activities as a coach, the performances of the people I work with and my thoughts and opinions on what makes athletes faster for longer.


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Bringing Your Training Together. A Quick Guide For Novices.
AndyBby AndyB May 11th 2017
Having prepared yourself in each of the individual disciplines of swim, bike and run it’s important to remember that triathlon is all three sports one after the other and this means you need to do a bit of training in that way before he race. Put...
Endurance Sports Coaching 2012 - Athlete Achievements (pt. 2)
AndyBby AndyB Dec 4th 2012
In the second part of this blog we'll look to celebrate the success of Endurance Sports Coaching athletes over shorter distances. Standard and Sprint Distance performances The highlight of the year for many was the age-group world championships...
Endurance Sports Coaching 2012 - Athlete Achievements
AndyBby AndyB Nov 26th 2012
So we're nearly into the last month of 2012 and with that most Endurance Sports Coaching athletes have wrapped up their seasons, taken a break and are looking forward to an exciting year to come. Over the year we have coached and consulted many ath...
Lessons from the Olympics 4 - Grit and Determination
AndyBby AndyB Sep 12th 2012
In the last of my series of lessons from the Olympics I'd like to look back to an interview that took place between Phil Jones, the BBC track side interviewer, and Mo Farah after winning the 5000m, his second gold medal of the Olympics. In response...
Lessons from the Olympics 2 - Looking in the mirror
AndyBby AndyB Aug 22nd 2012
Watching the amazing performances in the Olympics this year I really start to wonder what goes on in the heads of some of these athletes before, during and after competition. This means I am often as interested in their media interviews around the ...
Recovery... The most important part of training (pt:4)
AndyBby AndyB Nov 19th 2010
The final part of this blog covers recovery techniques such as contrast bathing and ice baths. Physical Recovery Two elements of physical recovery are explored below: temperature contrast baths and pool work. Ice baths entail rapid cooling ...
Triathlon training for beginners � 10 top tips
AndyBby AndyB May 26th 2010
With all the excitement of entering a triathlon then fitting training around already busy lives, here are 10 top tips for beginners to get your training under way and make sure you are firing on all cylinders come race day. 1) Get out and get inv...
Speedy swimming
AndyBby AndyB Apr 20th 2010
Just a quick one this week, I just had to tell everyone! I've had a really good boost to my swimming recently, some might say a breakthrough. The last few weeks have seen a big increase in pace, I even put in a 1:16 100 as part of a broken 200 (1...
Limbering up for longer distances
AndyBby AndyB Apr 12th 2010
My previous post discussed ways in which to improve your performance over short distance races. For the next few paragraphs I'll discuss how you can limber up for longer distances. I've previously talked about periodising your training year (ch...
Sharpening up for shorter races
AndyBby AndyB Mar 21st 2010
So to continue the story from my last blog. You've put in the time during the winter months training, wrapped up warm through the cold and dark and now you want to pick up the intensity to be swift in the warmer, sunnier conditions that come with th...
Changing times
AndyBby AndyB Mar 5th 2010
The weather here has been very kind of late. The sun has been shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing on the way to the pool at 6:30 as the sun rises but before I get too philosophical this post is more about your training. With many p...
The pitfalls of potholes
AndyBby AndyB Feb 1st 2010
With the weather appearing to get better (for the time being anyway) it has become easier to get out on the bike and spend more time pedalling around the green and hilly area of the UK that is Bristol. However, the cold and snow has had it's effect ...
Making the turbo your friend! Part 2
AndyBby AndyB Jan 15th 2010
Well, it's warming up here so getting out on the bike will hopefully soon be an option. Previously I promised to write a little about what to do on a turbo to make your session even more enjoyable and productive so here are a few ideas. Slow...
Making the turbo your friend!
AndyBby AndyB Jan 10th 2010
Of course all training is fun, but how can we make a turbo session more fun?! The road conditions are getting better here but I'm still not so sure about going outside on a road bike. Even when the snow and ice has gone there can be times when ...
'It takes 10 years of extensive training to excel in anything' - Herbert Simon
AndyBby AndyB Nov 13th 2009
The concept that it takes 10 years to excel in something is not new. It is well recognised that many hours are needed to create a medal winning performance. In 2001 Istvan Balyi published a paper applying this theory to sport and outlined how these...
Carpe Diem
AndyBby AndyB Nov 6th 2009
With the clocks going back, the onset of winter, and the darker mornings we all jump out of bed in the morning ready eager to train! No? Ok, so for most people it may actually be harder to get out of bed when it is dark outside but it is actually na...
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