Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
A little blog about being a triathlon coach. Here you'll find a little diary about my activities as a coach, the performances of the people I work with and my thoughts and opinions on what makes athletes faster for longer.


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Back to back races - Recovery is key
AndyBby AndyB Sep 5th 2014
I mentioned in the monthly update on my website that an athlete I coach, Grace France had races on consecutive weekends. The two races in question were The London Triathlon (standard distance) and Liverpool (sprint distance) and the aim was to get ...
Recovery... The most important part of training (pt:2)
AndyBby AndyB Nov 5th 2010
In the second part of these blogs recovery focus turns to sleep. Sleep is one of the most important forms of rest and recovery. A lack of sleep will lead to insufficient recovery and depression of the immune system. It can also contribute to ov...
How do you eat an elephant?
AndyBby AndyB Dec 20th 2009
So I sit here slightly frustrated as I have a bit of a cold. Not enough to stop me getting out of bed but enough to prevent me from proper training, and substituting in light sessions only. However, having spent the last few weeks surrounded by peo...
Carpe Diem
AndyBby AndyB Nov 6th 2009
With the clocks going back, the onset of winter, and the darker mornings we all jump out of bed in the morning ready eager to train! No? Ok, so for most people it may actually be harder to get out of bed when it is dark outside but it is actually na...
Athletes should maintain a good equilibrium between training, social life and recovery - Tudor Bompa
AndyBby AndyB Oct 30th 2009
Part 2: After last weeks look at end of season/post race recovery this post at further enhancing it and that bit that many athletes worry about during recovery, losing fitness. Sleep One of the most important ways of allowing your body more...
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