Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
A little blog about being a triathlon coach. Here you'll find a little diary about my activities as a coach, the performances of the people I work with and my thoughts and opinions on what makes athletes faster for longer.


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Bringing Your Training Together. A Quick Guide For Novices.
AndyBby AndyB May 11th 2017
Having prepared yourself in each of the individual disciplines of swim, bike and run it’s important to remember that triathlon is all three sports one after the other and this means you need to do a bit of training in that way before he race. Put...
Triathlon training for beginners � 10 top tips
AndyBby AndyB May 26th 2010
With all the excitement of entering a triathlon then fitting training around already busy lives, here are 10 top tips for beginners to get your training under way and make sure you are firing on all cylinders come race day. 1) Get out and get inv...
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