Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
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Endurance Sports Coaching 2012 - Athlete Achievements

AndyBby AndyBNov 26th 2012
So we're nearly into the last month of 2012 and with that most Endurance Sports Coaching athletes have wrapped up their seasons, taken a break and are looking forward to an exciting year to come. Over the year we have coached and consulted many athletes to achieve many feats, so it's time we looked back to see exactly and to celebrate the wonderful achievements of all Endurance Sports Coaching athletes.

First up - Ironman

Back in May was Lanzarote which saw Tim Hallett take on the tough hot and hilly course and complete his first full distance Ironman, following that Matt Bryant also completed his first Ironman with a superb effort on a scorching day in Austria. Later in the season Sam Hayward put together the UK/Wales double, a tough combination for any athlete while Marie Kirton finished third in her age group at Ironman UK to clinch a World Championship qualification slot for Hawaii October 2012. Meanwhile back at Ironman Wales, Penny Gardiner stormed to an age-group win and her book her own trip to the big Island of Kona for 2013.

A complete list of long distance achievements is as follows:

Tim Hallett (Lanzarote*)
Matt Bryant (Austria*)
Mike Dixon (Outlaw)
Vicki Dixon (Outlaw)
Mark Hillier (Outlaw*)
Sam Hayward (UK)
Marie Kirton (UK**)
Sam Hayward (Wales)
Penny Gardiner (Wales**)
Carla Tonks (Wales)
Sam Hayward (Long distance weekend - winner)

*First Long distance race **Ironman World Championship Qualifying performance

Middle(ish) Distance Madness

With the middle distance efforts being a little easier to recover from more can be completed during the season, a fact highlighted by Helen Jones who managed to wrap up 4 middle distance races between May and August with very strong performances overseas in Marbella and Majorca as well as at home with Princes Bishop and Bamworth. The intrepid trio of Phil Denny, Jon Waring and Paul Denny took on the famous Alp D¬'huez while Tom Frost tried his luck at the Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas after qualifying at Aix-les-Bains last year. Penny Harris stepped up for her first ever middle distance event after having been bought the place as a ¬'present¬' and duly completed the Lanzarote 70.3 while Eva Kapp finished an outstanding season with a super performance at the Vitruvian quietening those who have told her diabetics should not be doing long distance triathlon! For more details on Eva¬'s race please see here ( Elsewhere Marie Kirton finshed on her age-group podium at Ironman UK and Sam Hayward finished a strong runner up at Marizion.

A full list of Middle Distance achievements can be seen below.

Phil Denny (Alp D¬'huez)
Jon Waring (Alp D¬'huez)
Paul Denny (Alp D¬'huez)
Karen Hathway (Ironman UK 70.3)
Helen Jones (4 x middle distance)
Ralph Firman (Majorca 70.3)
Eva Kapp (Vitruvian)
Richard Greaves (British Middle Distance Champs)
Penny Harris (Lanzarote 70.3)
Tim Hallett (Lanzarote 70.3)
Tom Frost (Las Vegas 70.3 World Champs)
Sam Hayward (Marazion)
Marie Kirton (Ironman UK 70.3)

I'm very proud of all of you for showing the world what can be done with hard work and dedication! Next up Standard and Sprint Distance achievements.
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