Success with Stamina
Success with Stamina
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The pitfalls of potholes

AndyBby AndyBFeb 1st 2010
With the weather appearing to get better (for the time being anyway) it has become easier to get out on the bike and spend more time pedalling around the green and hilly area of the UK that is Bristol. However, the cold and snow has had it's effect on the roads with them becoming increasingly pot-holed and potentially dangerous for a cyclist or group of cyclists.

Group riding and general bike skills are an important part of riding on the roads. When riding with others it is good to establish a set of signals that the whole group understands. The most commonly heard at the moment must be the simple cry of 'pothole' when one is upcoming, although it would obviously be more helpful to offer more signals by pointing out the pothole as well. When riders are sitting close in a group reaction time is reduced slightly the more advanced the warning of moving around the holes the better. Placing one hand across your back and pointing is also important in telling following riders to move one way or the other to avoid either holes or other obstructions such as parked cars. Placing one hand down to the side with palm facing either back or to the ground and the lifting the hand up and down as if patting a dog is a good sign when the group is slowing, combine this with the call of 'easy'or 'slowing' and you can slow the whole group gently.

Our club BAD Tri ran a very successful bike skills session on Saturday morning (Thanks very much Nick C) covering skills such as being comfortable removing hands from the bars to be able to point out holes through to group riding, descending and cornering skills. This session will be repeated as there is no harm in brushing up on these skills to make riding in a group as smooth as possible and like swimming drills continuing to practise them when on the road will make you more confident in what you are trying to achieve.

As for me, I'm also brushing up my bike skills at the velodrome in Newport. It's great fun and after a few weeks I really feel like this are coming along well. :-).
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