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For some sports you need a ball, for triathlon you need 2!!

Parc Herastrau, Bucharest

Antonioby AntonioApr 16th 2013
Parc Herastrau, Bucharest
A very nice route to run around a lake in the heart of the Romanian capital
Richmond 13.1
Antonioby Antonio Mar 31st 2013
After 7 years tried the distance again. Not bad at all, despite I spent 16 more minutes than my personal best. Taking into account that I hit the wall at km 17, I guess I can make it much better and maybe closer to 1:35 in the near future. It was...
Twickenham 10K
Antonioby Antonio Dec 9th 2012
With the start/finish line less than half a mile from home, the race did not go as if I was "playing home". The first 3Km until we reached Richmond bridge I felt an annoying pain in my right leg. The pain disappeared when we entered the trail seg...
Bushy Park 10K
Antonioby Antonio Nov 4th 2012
Windy, rainy, cold and... muddy! The race turned out to be quite pleasant, mainly because I have successfully reached the goal I have set about 3 months ago. Despite the muddy trail I have managed not only to complete 10K at a sub 4.50 pace but als...
Ealing Eagles 10K
Antonioby Antonio Sep 9th 2012
After approximately 4 years since the last time I have participated in a race, and with just 6 weeks training, I have started it all again. Felt heavy, slow, a bit old, but in the end I still felt the satisfaction of finishing it. Great environmen...
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