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Ealing Eagles 10K

Antonioby AntonioSep 9th 2012
Ealing Eagles 10K
After approximately 4 years since the last time I have participated in a race, and with just 6 weeks training, I have started it all again. Felt heavy, slow, a bit old, but in the end I still felt the satisfaction of finishing it.
Great environment and support for all runners and a pretty nice way to spend a sunny Sunday morning.
The next one will be in October in Richmond Park.
Tags: races, running
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Sep 13th 2012 09:57
Gotta start somewhere right! 10k is a really nice distance although one of the most painful I always find! Enjoy Richmond Park :-)
Antonioby blog author: Antonio, Sep 13th 2012 23:00
Hi Sarah! Exactly, you have to start somewhere :) I just thought that 5K would be too short to have fun :)
I will enjoy Richmond Park, thanks
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