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Twickenham 10K

Antonioby AntonioDec 9th 2012
Twickenham 10K
With the start/finish line less than half a mile from home, the race did not go as if I was "playing home". The first 3Km until we reached Richmond bridge I felt an annoying pain in my right leg.

The pain disappeared when we entered the trail segment, and just after crossing back the river at Teddington I saw the 8K mark and looking at my watch I saw 34mins: I was heading for an SB.

But something did not feel right. I usually do this route but counter-clockwise, however I suspected that the 8k was more like a 7K mark. In the end I finished at 47.19, which was not bad taking into account the problem in my leg and my recent lack of training.

The weirdest and most unreal thing is that someone stole all medals before the race, so there was no "souvenir" to take home.

Who would steal medals from a charity race??
TriRachby member: TriRach, Dec 11th 2012 11:23
That is truly odd! Crazy, what can they actually do with them?
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