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Musician. Triathlete. Almost.
Musician. Triathlete. Almost.

Post Triathlon Changes

Bishmanby BishmanJul 27th 2012
It's been a week of changes for me this week. I figured the best way to wrte this post was to list the problem and then the change I made in response.

New purchases:
1. Leaky goggles in last two races.
This one is easy - I bought new Goggles! Tinted to help with glare in OW swimming and they come with a plastic case. They work too, which is great.

2. Cycling converse have got more holes than swiss cheese.
Solution: I have made the switch to cycling shoes and pedals; I now clip onto my bike! (NB. do not refer to them as strap ons, this gets you strange looks from shop assistants). I've been talking about this for a long time but didn't want to do it just before the races I had lined up. Now they're passed I decided the time was right. It's very exciting and makes me feel a bit more like I actually belong on a bike! They felt quite big at first and my I can definitely feel my legs working harder, but I could feel the improvement immediately. I'm pushing bigger gears and using more of the pedal cycle to produce more power. I timed myself against pre-shoe times and even with a ridiculous amount of time sat at road work traffic lights I knocked off 2 minutes from a previous PB = Winning! I can literally feel the seconds flying off. My first ride on them was simply lapping the Downs again and again learning to clip in and out of them and although I think I've got it now, I had my first fall the other day... I stopped at traffic lights on the way to Hengrove pool and just fell sideways and lay there helplessly in shock whilst I got to grips with what just happened. In my defence it was very early in the morning and I was still practically asleep!

3. Entered Tockington Sprint.
I've decided this will be my next important race, and I'm not sure yet but I may also sneak in an evening triathlon as well. Tockington is not until the end of September which gives me some real time to work on the bike and run splits where I can pick up the most time and where I've been the most disappointed. Lots of time of the bike, and lots of bricks are the order of the day at the moment. Also, it's local which means I'll be able to get there - since I don't drive at the moment I'm limited to races I can get to either by bike or by public transport.

4. Run breaks down and I lose my form.
I guess that it's still early days for me being up on my forefoot - I thought I was settled comfortably, being able to stay up on them for some hard sessions with BAD Tri but in each race it's fallen apart and I've returned to heel striking and had a sore knee the following day. The solution is to relearn the forefoot running technique - which means both focusing on short runs in perfect form and brick sessions to get my legs used to post-bike wobbles.

5. Bike split
It became apparent right from my first triathlon at Lakeside (read the report here) that my bike split was the one that could provide me with the most gains. I spent some time working on the bike before Bournemouth and was able to provide a split less than double the time for twice the distance - good, but still a long way to go as I was still a long way off the strongest bikers. So... I am and will continue to be spending a lot of time in the saddle doing time trials, hill repeats and generally giving myself a hard time in a effort to knock the minutes off. I read as well that improving on the bike will the you on the run so hopefully that will happen too: Bi-winning!

6. Stomach issues
This is going to be tackled by trying a selection of different foods before swimming and while out on my new big bike rides. Went out for a big bike ride (which by my standards is only around 25-30 miles) and took a packet of Soreen which went down really well. I should maybe eat it a bit slower than I did, but it seemed to sit nicely in my stomach. Tried some new granola before swimming the other day and it really didn't sit well so that's a no.

7. Cycling off the swim
I noticed after a long swim at Hengrove on Thursday that this is one thing which may also help to settle my stomach - getting used to biking after getting out of the water. Cycling home my stomach felt a little squiggly whereas it hadn't really felt like that after I got out of the water. So appending a cycle onto the end of my swim workouts (10ish miles or so) will hopefully help me to get used to this feeling.

So that's where I am at the moment. Progressing and with a new plan for each discipline: Tri-winning!
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