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Musician. Triathlete. Almost.
Musician. Triathlete. Almost.

Two weeks until my first race

Bishmanby BishmanJun 4th 2012
It's already been almost a month since I last posted so here's an update of where I am now...

After the Manchester Marathon injury I decided not to run the Edinburgh marathon either. It's not like me to play it safe but I didn't want to destroy myself and not be able to do the triathlons I've signed upto over the coming months. My leg still feels a bit strange, a bit of tightness below the knee when I run. Still seeing the physio, although it's pretty much bankrupting me. Still stretching and continuing with swimming and biking as normal. Running has almost completely stopped but for the odd session. Did a brick bike/run workout Friday night which went really well - very strong running - but tried a short run yesterday evening and it just wasn't working.

Looking forwards, I have my first triathlon coming up on the 17th, in just under 2 weeks. I've already prepared a list of what I'll need to take and am really getting quite excited. That means I have just one more lake swim before the race, which is fine because yesterday was the first OW swim I've had where I really felt comfortable in the water. It's stopped bothering me that I can't see my own hands and I'm no longer scared of pushing my head down in the water (this was probably the biggest problem I had with OW swimming, but which I can do fine in a pool). It's really starting to feel like this is how it should be - like a pool is the swimming equivalent of a spin session, an OW swim is like actually getting out on the bike.

By the way, does anyone else shower with their wetsuit to clean it? I got the idea from a friend is who plays the tuba and says he has to give it baths to clean it! Except he doesn't get in the bath with it. Or so he claims.

I still only have a vague idea of how long the whole race will take - It's only a sprint and I'm currently training towards the standard distance races in July so I'm guessing around 75 mins but since it's my first race it will probably be more. The problem is that I haven't done a training session where I've done all three disciplines so I have no idea how much it's going to knock me out by. My 5k run I would usually expect to be around 20 mins but after swimming and cycling it could be closer to 30. Plan for next sunday is to time myself in OW, which I haven't done yet.

Nutritionally I don't really know what I'm going to do. The plan currently looks like this:
Prerace drink water, then have one bottle of water with hydration sachet dissolved on the bike and 1 gel just before getting off the bike to run.

Since it's only a sprint I think this should do - I have done longer training sessions without drinking or taking gels and still performed well. It's a 7am start so even if it takes me two hours, I'll still finish at 9am which is hardly going to be baking hot. At the end of the day, I slipped this race into the schedule to see what it's like before the standard distance races next month. Whatever happens will tell me more than I know at the moment.

So that's where I'm at. I'm still enjoying it all and just hoping that my legs will hold out for the run. I'm going to try the Ashton Court parkrun next saturday, which I can't usually do but because of a cancelled lesson I'll be free to try it!
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Jun 9th 2012 20:37
I'm racing next weekend too with my first OW! Good luck, hope it goes really well!
charlieeliseby member: charlieelise, Jun 9th 2012 20:38
Ah yes - we are both doing Lakeside aren't we! Well spare a thought for me when I'm on the first lap of the run and you are done!
Bishmanby blog author: Bishman, Jun 9th 2012 23:33
Thanks Charlie! I'll keep an eye out for you. Can't wait!!
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