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Fat to Thin in 6 Months
So hi to everyone my name is Stuart I am 37 years old 5,8 and way 18 stone and just separated from my partner of 7 years, who I have a child with. I have struggled with my weight for a long time now and have decided today Iím going to do something about it. This will give me something to do at night when Iím on my own instead of drinking, which letís face it does not help with the wast line and is properly the bigger issue,but thats for another blog! I decided to do this blog so here goes I apologise from the start I am dyslexic so sorry for the bad spelling, grammar in advance.

last year I did my friend a diet plan, all though I am a IT Engineer now, I used to be a chef so know a little about food plus used to train a lot when I was younger. My friend Matt used to be 21 stone, give or shout a couple of pounds, he started my diet around September last year and is now an amazing 14.7 stone thats absolutely amazing to me. So if he can do it so can I, I have less weight to loss and a top class gym iv been with for the last 4 months but only been 6 times matt did this with no gym which makes it even more amazing so i will be starting tomorrow. key things I need to stop now

please follow how I'm getting on at

Butlerboyby ButlerboyJan 1st 1970
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