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Cycling Fitness - How to Unlock Greater Strength, Endurance & Power
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Jan 10th 2011
For more Cycling Fitness Tips join me on Facebook at Christopher Hole...
8 ways to speed up recovery
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Sep 13th 2010
For more cycling fitness tips join me on facebook at Christopher Hole...
The Best and Worst exercise for Back Pain
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Sep 13th 2010
Do you suffer from Back Pain on your Bike?
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Apr 10th 2010
Do you suffer with Back Pain? there are many different causes of back pain, some are not as obvious as other. Performing the tests featured in this video will go some way to helping you discover where you back is originating and an idea of how to...
Cheshire Cat Sportive, 9/10
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Mar 28th 2010
Hi Friend Today the 28th March 2010 I traveled to Crewe to take part in the season opener, Cheshire Cat 100 mile sportive with the famous Mow Cop 25% gradient climb. Setting off at 6.30am I arrived in Crewe for registration along with about 250...
Do you experience back pain from cycling?
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Mar 21st 2010
Weak muscles are often at the root of back pain and specific muscle at that, this series of articles guides you through what I have found when working with my clients to be the best 3 exercises to over come lower back pain. First lets look at the ...
Cyclist or Runners Knee - Are you making it better or worse
Christopherholeby Christopherhole Mar 14th 2010
Hi Tribloggers The last 2 weeks have been a struggle, i have battling with a recurring knee problem and this has led to taking a few days off the bike and many questions to the physio. It wasn't until i looked into the problem further that i found...
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