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Christopher Hole

A Hellish Ride - The Mendip Traverse

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeFeb 14th 2010

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Hello Fellow Tribloggers

Saturday the 13th Jan 2010 was the day for the hardest ride of the year so far, now i've done harder but with it being the first of the year made it seem that much harder!

So the stupid idea came and I managed to rope Greg in (the guy with the double blowout from 2 weeks ago) who through no fault of his own said Ok lets do it. Little did he and I know what was to come.

As per normal we set off over the bridge for the A38 towards Cheddar, climb number 1 Cheddar Gorge. A beautiful steady and steep in places weave through the rock faces and it doesn't end there the climbing continues and continues and continues. Decent 1 Draycott Hill, my forearms have never burnt so much my fingers were locked on the brakes and my arms were being pushed into the bike from the sheer steepness of the hill.

To insult to the pain I almost collide with a van coming up the hill because I can't stop soon enough so I avoid hitting Greg who managed to stop and dart back into the hedge to avoid the van. With the forearms still burning we get to bottom. Quick food break and on we go.

Climb 2, Weston Sub Mendip to Priddy, didn't know what to expect here but what we got was steep and when we got to the top it wasn't the top, so when we got to the top it still wasn't the top, finally we did get to the top. That was a Muscle Acidosis Dream the legs were on fire up that one.

Decent 2, the old bristol rd not much to report went down hill fast!

Climb 3, the New Bristol Rd an old nemesis of mine but lately I have been able to tame the beast but after 2 previous hefty climbs it was beginning to get its own back, the legs were fatigued but the mind was strong "you won't get the better of me" I kept telling the tarmac!

So to the top and the cruise back to Bristol and to aid the steady climb from Chew Magna to the A38 a group of 6 riders joined us (pulled us all the way) and did add an element of competition, which was a nice bonus.

I guess the moral of the story was on the tough rides, hills or head winds think of the strength gains you'll get from this ride ready for the next ride. Forget the immediate pain in the legs or forearms however painful and think of how doing what your doing now will benefits your cycling in the future.

Thanks for reading
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