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Christopher Hole

A Tale of many Towns and a double Blowout!!!!!

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeJan 31st 2010
Hi fellow TriBloggers

Well it's been 2wks since my last post and not a lot has changed, it's still cold and i'm still trying to keep warm!

Training over the last 2 wks has gone something like this Bristol to Cheddar and back, Bristol to Weston and back and Bristol to Clevedon and back. Mixed with a few longer 90 minute spins and my famous monday morning spin class a friday night spin class.

I don't want to go into any great depth about these rides because there's nothing to go into any great depth about, you know get on the bike, pedal somewhere then pedal back. although here's a question, why is it when it feels like there is no wind and then the second your on the move it feels like force 10 gale is blowing into your face?

I look at the tree's and their not even blowing, can someone explain what is going on!!!

Anyway, the highlight of the last 2 wks has to be the double blowout and thankfully it wasn't me, sorry Greg but in the nicest possible way i'm glad it was you! Sorry!

Greg and I decided to head out on a 70 miler Bristol-Clevedon-Congresbury-Burrington Combe-Bath-Bristol.

We get to the downs and Greg experiences a problem with his front mech, ok not a problem just stay on the top ring. Heading up Burrington Combe we see Bad Ass Bikes new shop drop in and get it sorted, brilliant.

Next coming into Bath over the little hump back bridge and bang! bang! I'm looking round thinking what was that. Greg had hit a pot hole perfectly to blowout his to tires. Luckily I had an inner tube and so did he but it was getting dark and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Our gloves are off trying to fit the inner tubes and gradually we lose all sense of feeling but eventually we're back on the road.

We get on the cycle path back to bristol and we're not warming up the hands are still freezing the legs feel heavy so we stop again for a cup of tea, after 20 minutes we hop back on the bikes for the final leg back to bristol.

With all of that the drama was over just the light to contend with and the want to get back and have a hot shower.
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