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Bicycle Diaries - The single most effective aspect when it comes to Recovery

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeDec 13th 2009
As I continue to prepare for my mammoth round the world cycle in 2012 another sunday is here; the beginning of a new week begins tomorrow and with end of this week comes the end of a recovery week. To do what I plan to do these weeks are essential for me, sometimes they are tough because I feel like I┬'m not doing anything productive and other times they are welcome break from the hectic work/training balance.

Not only are my rest weeks critical for me physiologically but also psychologically, so what have I been up to on this rest week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday still provided me with higher intensity training on the spin bike but nothing like normal.

Tuesday complete rest, Thursday complete rest and Saturday and Sunday was a time back in saddle 1hr and 1 ┬Żhr respectively.

Why is it so important for me to take these recovery weeks periodically? They are necessary for my leg muscles to repair and my energy stores to replenish. Probably more important than that last two, if I were to ignore my coach and continue with my intensive training my body and especially legs would break down making my training a hindrance rather than help.

This week has been all about adaptation, when we as athletes put our bodies under stress our body needs time to adapt and when it adapts it will come back stronger. There are limits to how much stress we can cope with at any one time before it breaks down and injure our muscles, so periodically implementing recovery time will only take your body to the next level.

If you can find the correct balance between training and recovery there are no limits on how far you can go and strong you be. Get the balance wrong and stack up too much training you risk injury, rest too much and you risk no progression.

One key to finding that balance will not be found in the text books they are a good guide, the key is in listening to your body.

As Joe Friel States ┬"Exercise + Recovery = Training┬"

Happy Training
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