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Christopher Hole

Cheshire Cat Sportive, 9/10

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeMar 28th 2010
Hi Friend

Today the 28th March 2010 I traveled to Crewe to take part in the season opener, Cheshire Cat 100 mile sportive with the famous Mow Cop 25% gradient climb.

Setting off at 6.30am I arrived in Crewe for registration along with about 2500 other riders for the new and improved route starting from Crewe Alexandra FC rather then the traditional start in Knutsford.

The registration was swift, which was great but the downside to this was the huge queue around the whole car park for the start, the organisers kept us moving and after a short time we were on the road.

The 100 miles lived up to it's reputation, the first 30 miles packed in the 3 climbs over the pennines starting with Mow Cop. It is as steep as they say but only on the last stretch. From the bottom the gradient gradually increases and finishes at 25% and a nice touch if you get to the top without your foot touching the floor you are presented with a medal at the end.

From there the next climb leads into the 1st feed station, all the feed stations were fully stocked with a selection of food from Mr Kiplings cakes, flapjacks, bananas, water and sports drinks.

After the 3 climbs the route turns into an undulating cruise through Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. The route is excellently sign posted and split between 3 feed stations, which keeps you filled and refreshed.

Upon finishing you claim your medal and pack, there is also the option of a sports massage for your sore and heavy legs.

With all the good points of the Cheshire Cat, the organisation, signage, feed stations and route there were a few bad points. No shower or changing area and the food at the end of the sportive very expensive for what it was but I suppose it's a chance to cash in on 2500 hungry riders.

All in all a great day and a great ride I would definitely recommend the 2011 Cheshire Cat.

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