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Christopher Hole

Have I kept the Strength in my Legs after Xmas in Spain

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeDec 27th 2009

Last week I faced a challenge, for the Xmas week I was heading to Spain. Going to Spain over Xmas was not the challenge, going to Spain without my bike and keeping my strength was.

I knew I could go out running but my legs hadnÂ't run for many months and too much would put them out of action for the week making things worse. So I wanted to break them in early with a short run early in week but the weather was too cold for the clothes I had packed because I was expecting it to be warmer. I donÂ't want to sound like a fair weather trainer, but it was!!!

My plan was to start with some Body Weight exercises good plan or bad plan? Next day mild soreness, luckily as the week progressed the weather warmed and my legs recovered. With a few days rest I broke into a 40 min run, I was a bit apprehensive to begin but I felt good so I kept running. The next day, yes I was sore again.

Ok more recovery, then Xmas Day I hit the road again and decided to combine the 2 with a run and body weight circuit and kept off the leg exercises so not overload a wise choice I think.

Come the following day my legs felt fine a great success in terms of not burning out or overloading but have I kept the strength in my legs? As yet I am not 100% sure, my spin class tomorrow will tell me a lot.

I guess the morale of this story might be, unless you can guarantee youÂ'll be able to train, as you need to all year round stick to cycling if you cycle. If there are week that you will be off your bike due to holiday or extreme weather keep them in a condition to run or push weights so to keep some fitness in the muscle.

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