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Christopher Hole

When the Snow comes Chris goes inside!

Christopherholeby ChristopherholeJan 17th 2010
January so far has been a nightmare for winter training and keeping up with my weekly bike hrs has been impossible.

The only solution was to go indoors, on the spin bikes for more than 60mins at a time. You might be thinking spending 60-90 mins on a spin is as boring as hell? Do you experience the same? your looking at the same scenery and the clock moves backwards.
Well in 2009 that was exactly what i though but 2010 brought a new principle for endurance spin called chunking.

Chunking is very simple it means taking what seems to be massive task and splitting it into small pieces. So i applied it to 90mins on the bike, first i split it in to three 30mins then two 15mins, 3 5mins and finally 5 1mins sections.

This seemed to do the trick, mixing up between standing, seated, sprints, hill climbs, power, endurance.
gocolettegoby member: gocolettego, Jan 30th 2010 12:12
I have to do the same thing on the spinning bike....plan intervals or chunks and just focus on one at a time. The Ipod helps with those hour plus workouts too! Keep up the great work.
Christopherholeby blog author: Christopherhole, Jan 30th 2010 18:21
I hear you dave, the Ipod is great, make a playlist of all the best songs that last the length of the session and take it 1 track at a time.
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