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Learning curves...

ClaireDby ClaireDApr 26th 2013
As I've entered two open water based triathlons this year, I was quite worried about my ability to swim constantly over 750m without having any pool sides to cling on to for a breather. My swimming isn't actually that bad anymore; I have been attending a coached swim session every week for the past 10 months and my swimming style and efficiency has greatly improved. I don't get phased anymore by 5 people swimming in my lane during a triathlon, except when a wave hits as I am breathing & I swallow gobfuls of water.

Little did I know but my swim coach decided, on Monday night, to focus on open water swimming techniques, albeit in our local pool. What a huge learning curve that was.....I have never experienced anything like it in my life! After the free for all warmup, he placed 18 of us at different intervals around the edge of the pool & we had to swim anti clockwise for 15 minutes, overtaking when necessary. I was determined not to put my feet down at the shallow end and soon got into my own rhythm - I think that's the secret to it - just concentrate on what you are doing, get into a rhythm and try to keep out of trouble! By the end of 15 minutes my lungs were burning, my arms were tired and I couldn't wait to stop. The whistle blew, thank god I thought, the instruction came "change direction, 10 minutes clockwise, go".

When that finished we moved on to swimming round a buoy doing the backstroke thing (more practice needed) and rolling over legs to avoid getting hemmed in. I don't know how I got through the session - is it just me or does everyone get out of a swim session with a red, sweaty face? - but afterwards felt a lot more confident in my ability to swim without taking breaks.

I am now looking forward to attending some open water training sessions - they will be starting up in my area quite soon. By then I will have to conquer my fear of swimming where I can't see the bottom - no matter how many times I tell my 4 year old there are no crocodiles in the UK, one might just have escaped from somewhere! - and my fear of the consequences of swallowing dirty water!

Come on though, I need to pull myself together and just get on with it -bring it on.
Learning curves...
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