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Pyrenees Crosstrainer
Pyrenees Crosstrainer
No shortage of training opportunities here in the Hautes Pyrenees. Now I have plenty of time to train I wonder how I competed and trained for all the triathlons from 1986 onwards with a job to do as well.
So I must focus on what works best and race as and when I can.

La Gamba Dours/12k trail race

Crosstrainerby CrosstrainerApr 17th 2011
Wow what a tough race that was. Sunny beautiful day for it thro stunning countryside in the Hautes Pyrenees. It felt very tough indeed but on reflection getting home and logging on to the results I find I was 3V3/11 and 42overall/111. So as I have said before there is a correlation between the fitter you get the harder you can run and then more pain!!!!

Week 15
Total: 9h:50m

Bike 4h:20m 105km (44%) Run 4h:20m 67km (44%) Weights 1h:10m (12%)

Only that is impossible which you have not the will to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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