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Pyrenees Crosstrainer
Pyrenees Crosstrainer
No shortage of training opportunities here in the Hautes Pyrenees. Now I have plenty of time to train I wonder how I competed and trained for all the triathlons from 1986 onwards with a job to do as well.
So I must focus on what works best and race as and when I can.

La Marcadau Race Report

Crosstrainerby CrosstrainerJan 28th 2010
La Marcadau Race Report
After feeling very nervous as the only novice in the race, worst still a small field so you stand out like one as well, I set off and got into my stride (alone) and concentrated on trying to finish within the hour.
Steep long start of about 3k uphill then on to the plateau where I was able to get into a good rythm. Kept this up to the downhill return which proved a bit hairy but made it down in one piece, then fell in a heap at the bottom.
Picked myself up and within sight of the finish line I was in the wrong lane so the marshal waved me over and down I went.
Never mind I finished in just under 55 minutes and very pleased.

So the rest of the week had gone well with good runs and skiing.

18th to 24th January

W03 Total: 7h:36m

Swim 20m 1km (4%) Ski 2-10mins 21k Run 3-41 41k (77%) weights 1h:25m (19%)
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