Pyrenees Crosstrainer
Pyrenees Crosstrainer
No shortage of training opportunities here in the Hautes Pyrenees. Now I have plenty of time to train I wonder how I competed and trained for all the triathlons from 1986 onwards with a job to do as well.
So I must focus on what works best and race as and when I can.

Snow run

Crosstrainerby CrosstrainerFeb 6th 2013
Just back from 9k in snow, sleet and very wet underfoot. Biking has been very difficult since the New Year due to the weather but at least that means both swimming and running are benefiting. As I write this I can barely see across the road for the snow. We are forecast this for the next week so when the going gets tough the tough get going. My french neighbours already thought I was a mad 'rosbif' now they are convinced. First we take the dogs out in all weathers every single day then I am off out in all weathers. When there is this much snow I can use the golf course but its just too wet. You would expect the ski stations to be pleased but there is 5/5 avalanche risk, high winds stopping lifts and bad access to the skiing as they try and keep the roads open.

Summer races are won in the winter so they say.

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