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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

1st Brick session since Sept 2010!!!!!!

DaveMilneby DaveMilneFeb 22nd 2011
1st Brick session since Sept 2010!!!!!!
As the weekend was a complete write off training wise, i was gonna hit this week with a BANG!!! alarm went off at 5.30am and without even thinking....Snoooooze, 6.00am, crap crap crap were some of the words i was using in my head! I had planned on doing a 40/50 min run before a swim session at the NAC before work!!! So up dressed and out the door scoffing a banana and heading down the M1! it was pissing rain on the way over and i was in two minds to even do the run but i did say to Liuwe that i was gonna give his training plan a real shot! arrived at the NAC rain stopped so off i went for a 4k run, kept the pace very steady but the heart rate was all over the shop (nothing new there), turned at 2k and headed back for a swim as time was getting tight. Got poolside as was met with a smile from Barbie! WTF its Monday AM and she is swimming up the lanes! Quick chat about Saturday nights fun and in i got. Starting off slowish but as i was warm i picked up pace and started clocking up some meters! felt good doing this brick session so i was enjoying the swim. 7.25 and i see this woman staring at the end of the lane looking like she was waiting for us too finish, she explained that she didn't want to get in our way as she would be doing something different!!!!! Hummmmm what could this be im thinking, YEAH sure, jump in, we can swim around you its no problem! off i went finishing off my set and swimming as normal when i the corner off my eye i see this women running up the lane with a big belt on! it was not something i see every day, so this caused me to gulp a load of pool while laughing at it! her legs were going a million miles an hour and going nowhere fast! i think i passed her 6 times in 5 minutes! Myself and Barbie finished up and agreed to meet Wednesday ! (will she be there)......
Cycle speed session Monday evening so out came the new steed (it will be called my new steed until i get a new bike so be prepared too listen). 8 appeared this evening and Paula was out too show off her new bike (its becoming a craze within the club with new bikes). warm up was a couple of laps and then it was sprints, couple of shorts sprints followed by some bike sprints, Marc fell victim to the take off like a mad man and run out off steam half way, it killed him that we passed him every time, but he will learn too pace, then we are Fooked !!!!.
Jeremy and Paulie were in fine form from Saturdays Duathlon, with Jeremy slagging off Glenn's excuse as to how He lost the battle with Jeremy and Paulie maintains that he was not gonna get caught on the line again as he did last session, ( did i ever tell you about that race where i out sprinted Paulie to take victory at the line) Paula was flying on her new bike and im thinking she might be a "one to watch" this season. cool down few laps and off to Jeremy's van for some water and a chat! good session, good work out!!
Tuesday is rest day so nothing exciting there!
Wednesday morning i was swim morning but the whole house woke up late so that was knocked off the list, i have to try get rid of the waking up late stuff. I even got a text from Barbie to see where i was, if Barbie can get up in the morning for a wash, so can I!!
We done fartlek with the club in the evening, good all-round session, with 5x2.5min sprints, every second one had a 30sec flat out sprint at the end!!!! we were split into two groups for this session and i was put in with the fast people (how or why, i don't know) we started off and i felt good, kept up at the front but it was hard and i could feel it, second and third i held on but the last 2 were game over, paddy last in the last one as well, ive still yet to get the right balance between having my dinner at the latest point before training so i wont be tasting it while running! 6pm and i can still taste it by 7.45pm DOH!!!!! i will have to add that the two dark horses from that training session were Louise and Elaine, the two don't even speak when they are speeding past you, they are like silent bullets! they are flying!!
Thursday morning was a write off again as the house slept it in again! 2 times in 2 days (not a bad score). Thursday evening was Sarah's yoga night so i was limited as to what i could do, I would have done the the Turbo trainer but with Liuwe's training plan he has me doing a run on Thursday evenings. so Sarah came back from yoga and i decided to kill two birds with the one stone by taking the dog out for a run with me. im sure he loved it... really im sure he did, sure who else wouldn't love weeing while running or being dragged if you slow down for a rest! ah bless him he runs away now when i grab the lead in my running gear! got in about about 4k (light run, nothing major)
Friday morning was wash time.. the new togs were out on display again much to the delight of ALL the ladies/men of the NAC. i felt like Mitch Buchannon from Baywatch (not whalewatch, but BAYwatch). Done a good few drills and then the normal 10x50m and finishing off with 5x100m's. as normal with all swim session's, play time is the last 5mins of every session so today it was no different, swim up the lane as a group so get the feeling of mass swim starts. allot of the guys just couldn't resist the dragging other members back so they can get ahead of them, i must add this normally results in large mouthfuls of water being swallowed and near drowning!! the last 50m i the lads just couldn't keep their grubby little mitts off me or my fancy new togs!! i think donal secretly wanted them back but couldn't wait for me to get changed before asking! i nearly sunk to the bottom of the pool with the amount of water i had drank!!! good session was had and i felt good although i had a slight sharp pain in my left shoulder when i doing the Front crawl.
Kettlebells was off Friday evening as Dinny has a life outside kettlebells (i know, he is very selfish isn't he) i opted to take a handy Friday evening. So off i went to the local Funfair* with Ben, Bumper cars, spinning thingy and candyfloss was all that was done and i think i felt more sick than Ben but i had to put on a brave face to show him that im not a wimp... i think he bought it!!!!
* Funfair consisted of Bumpercars, spinny thingy and side way swinging thing!!! that's all, no even ghost house!!!!!
Saturday morning was The HERD, with low-ish turn out but i think that might have being all the talk about doing a brick session that scared most not to turn up. Majella was there bright and early as always with Jeremy and Fergus (i know, i know he turned up LOL) arriving next, Paul Broderick cycled from Skerries so he already had over 10k on us... off we went to normal route, passing Skerries when we met up with Derek from the club, black hills were next and i was shockingly slow! Derek went up the hill like it was a downhill, just charged up the bloody thing! as Paul was holding back with a calf injury i took my only chance to beat him up the hill, but he took off just before the top ! i dragged him up the hill and he just passed me near the top to take my all glory!!!! but he did say thank you as he passed! 40k into it and Fergus legs were bombing out so himself and Paul headed back to Skerries and left myself Jeremy, Derek and Majella to finish off the 70k route we had planned. Back of the airport and Jeremy dropped onto the Tribars and gone, and i mean GONE, he recorded 54.8k on his Garmin! no catching him on my work horse today! Derek dropped off as he was gonna meet up the swords boys and then there was 3! we headed back to Lusk all fearing the dreaded brick session that we had planned, quick change into running gear and we were off, 1 normal runner and 2 ducks, this was myself and Majella's first brick session since back in Sept ! we had a great laugh, mainly laughing at Majella run style (i couldn't really slag my own run style now could i !!!!) but it didn't take long before we were in stride, Jeremy and Majella were flying along and i was struggling to keep up, they could even speak!!!!!!!!!!! i could barely breath! they were having a laugh about how the used to smoke 20/40 a day and i never smoked a day in my life and i was the one struggling!!! i might take up smoking in the off season! Got to the turn around point and i had to ask them to slow up a bit as i was near death*, they eased up but as time goes by they just pulled away, Jeremy was making good headway and Majella was trying to keep him within distance and i was huffing a puffing at the back about 50mtrs behind Maj, but its funny the way the mind works, i see that Majella was slowing up, looked like she was struggling a tad and i get this burst of energy out of somewhere that allows me to increase my pace and reel her in, i got to her just at the bottom of the ring road where i thought we might have eased up but Majella questions our time, 26mins i tell her and she tells us to come on!!!!!! This women is a beast! 70k cycle and 5k run in the bag!! ive never felt so happy to get that out of the way! but it felt good but i still have allot more work to do, it was agreed that this will now become part of the HERD routine every Saturday morning (don't know why i agreed this, i might had been lacking oxygen in my brain at that time) we warmed down with Majella giving Jeremy a hard time about manual handing and safety course that he should be doing... ha ha ha i was just sniggering in the corner like a schoolboy in a classroom while his mate was getting balled out of it by the teacher!!!! Great session was had and my legs were in pain for the rest of the day !!! thanks guys
*slightly made up
Sunday was my lsr day but i have changed it and called it my Elsr (embarrassing Long slow run as im at a walking pace), i left it late in the day to do as Sarah was booze hounding it the night before and demanded a lie in Sunday morning so i got out around half 1ish, this was the tiny shorts 1st outing since the Marathon in October, shorts and t-shirt on as it was a scorcher out (well i thought it was) and off i went, 2k into the run and i was still fooking freezing! not warming up at all, could this be my lack of clothing, lack of warm sunshine or me trying keep my Heart rate at 130bpm, i could wear my jeans and jumper the next E.l.s.r as im practically walking anyway! i was doing ok with the 130ish heart rate but sometimes it would just hit the 180/190 for no reason, could this be the fear of a granny passing me while she is out on the her Sunday stole with lucky the 20 year old jack Russell??? i ended up picking up the pace for the rest of the run and even cut it short for a couple of reasons, 1. i was getting annoyed at myself trying to keep the slow pace with the low heart rate 2. i was board and i was getting fed up talking to myself and dreaming about what i would buy if i won the lotto 3. i was bloody freezing and couldn't get warm at all and to top if off it started to piss rain and the wind picked up! all in all the E.L.S.R was a fail! i will really have to try do something with the LSR business.
Good weeks training but i did miss a few session that i really wanted to get in but there is always next week!
later people !
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