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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

2 races 2 days

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJun 23rd 2011
This week is gonna be the 1st time that I will have raced in two Triathlons in the one weekend, ive done a Triathlon on a Saturday and a long run/bike on a Sunday before but never two triathlons┬.... Saturday is Hell of the West and Sunday is Skerries Triathlon, this will involve a 6 hour round road trip to Hell of the West and a 10 minute drive to Skerries on the Sunday so im thinking Sunday evening I will be well tired! Im gonna train hard the start of this week and ease off towards the end to keep fresh legs for the weekend (well hoping to anyway)

Monday I headed to the pool for a wash and to concentrate on leg kicking, so the whole session was board in hand and fins on and off! Id say I might have done about 750 meters of kick drills and probably about 250 of normal swimming, I feel I need to try get the most from my legs while swimming. Good session done but could have been longer but I had arrived a tad late!
Monday evening was rain rain rain and I was hoping not to get a text from anyone about the cycle session that was planned but Dinny who is training for Ironman UK next month was on the phone wanting to head out! (I think I should just switch off my phone when I don┬'t want to train) Couple of texts later and there was other mad people that wanted to go out and train! We done the normal with our sprints and I thought we had a good enough session done (blaming the weather) when Dinny, Jeremy and Paul wanted to head out to Skerries. Jeremy and Paul I understood their reason, they live in Skerries but Dinny I was baffled! He lives the other way!!! So Monkey do what monkey see and I followed them, I think we got to Skerries in about 5mins, Belting along the roads in the lashing of rain and I was actually enjoying it┬... How weird! Dropped the two lads off and myself and Dinny headed back, Dinny wanted to go the black hills route and I just wanted home, so I had to come up with every excuse under the sun or rain as we had it not to go his route. My excuse of my tyres won┬'t get me up the hill in this rain worked!!! Few! When I got home I looked like a drowned rat, My overshoes had done their best to keep my feet dry but the rain was so bad that I had puddles in my shoes! I was soaked to the bone but I was smiling so that┬'s a good thing! Great session even though I held the lads up on the ┬...┬....Hills! But they waited so all was good!
2 races 2 days
Tuesday I Met Tony for a pool swim, I haven┬'t trained with him in morning in months so we met early with every swim accessory we had, we had fins, paddles, boards and catch things by the pool so it looked like we knew what we were doing! We got a good 1hr session with a bit of chin wagging between sets! It was good to catch up with the T-Dawg
I went for a 5.5k run Tuesday evening and got soaked again! This rain lark is a pain in the hole but then again I would trade sun for rain on the run section of a race any day!

Wednesday We met for a Sea swim before running so it was good to back in the sea, I don┬'t think ive been in the sea in about 3weeks! No jellyfish and no Sammy the seal so all was good! We swam a good km Id say with a bit of stop starting but that was to keep an eye on the weak swimmers. Nice start to any run session!
As a lot of us were racing the weekend in various races we had a nice easy session with the Flying Dutchman! 5 x 1min sprints with the last 30secs of each flat out! I was already going flat out so it mad no odds to me! 3-minute recovery between sprints so it was a handy enough training session!
Thursday was a complete rest day While Friday all I done was club swim session, it was a very easy session as I was doing the two races over the weekend so Liuwe wanted me to do a sharp, short intense session, 400mtr warm up ┬- 10 x 50mtrs flat out with 1 min recovery between 50mtrs. And the 400 mtr warm down! Nice little session to do before the races.

Saturday┬... Where do I start with this! 4am would be a good enough point!
2 races 2 days
I was up at 4am to head for Tony┬'s for 5am to hit the road for Co. Clare! 3hours of driving in the pissing of rain and we reach the Kilkee hotel where we register for the race, Maj had texted us about the Cycling tops that were in the goodie bag so I was dying to see these. We don┬'t have any large left mate is what I was told┬... Ok then I will take a XL, leave a bit of room for the odd take away im thinking! None left mate again! What sizes are left MATE im saying to him! medium┬..... O lord, Im nearly sure my mother would confirm that I was a medium when I was born let alone 28 years later!!! But as a good mate of mine always says, ┬"Refuse nothing but a Box┬" so I take the medium and vow to myself that I will fit into it! I tried it on at the car and I fits!! Well kinda! I need to start doing some sit-ups and core work to make it look a bit pleasing on the eye! (Watch this space)
We met up with Rob on the way to Transition and Maj in Transition and we were all racked together so that was good for the pre race banter! Wind behind on the way out and head wind on the way back we are told at the race brief. Great, long day on the bike im thinking!!!!!!!! It took us an age to get out of transition and to the start line in the water, so much so that when wave 1 started (mine and Tony┬'s wave) we were still on the bloody beach! We had to hot tail it into the sea and swim like mad men! I spent the whole 1500mtrs passing weak swimmers and the f*ucking idiots that breaststroke while trying to kick you in the head as you pass them! I got to the last marker and headed in towards the beach where I spotted this HUGE jellyfish about 5 foot underneath me (might had been 20ft but 5 foot sounds better), to say this gave me a rush of energy that brought me to the beach as quick as anything was an understatement! 29.54 for the swim (I think I could have got a 27 except the f*ck up at the start!)
2 races 2 days
1.01 for T1 and out on the bike, there was a hill on the first km on the course that really knocked me for 6 and I was actually thinking of stopping because my legs had no power at all in them but I just gritted my teeth and kept going! All the speed freaks with the cone hats were passing me left, right and centre. I was passing a few but not as many as was passing me but that┬'s the way it goes. I got chicked by the top 3 ladies on the bike course; the 1st one passed me within 10k of the bike start! She was flying! 1.27 for the bike, considering that I wanted to give up, the hills and the bloody west of Ireland wind, I thought it was ok!
2 races 2 days
1.01 for T1 and out on the bike, there was a hill on the first km on the course that really knocked me for 6 and I was actually thinking of stopping because my legs had no power at all in them but I just gritted my teeth and kept going! All the speed freaks with the cone hats were passing me left, right and centre. I was passing a few but not as many as was passing me but that┬'s the way it goes. I got chicked by the top 3 ladies on the bike course; the 1st one passed me within 10k of the bike start! She was flying! 1.27 for the bike, considering that I wanted to give up, the hills and the bloody west of Ireland wind, I thought it was ok!

1.07 for T2 (I opted for socks this time) Out on the run, ive heard so many stories about this run, O its the Loughshinny hill times 5 etc etc.. So was I disappointed, Hell no!
2 races 2 days
The hill was a mad mans hill that my car would even have trouble getting up! I had to drag my 16 stone hole up the hill until it levelled to a not so bad hill! ! ! I don┬'t think I have ever got passed so much in a run before! I was being passed by Big lads, small wafer thin lads, Ladies and im nearly sure I seen a man on a donkey passing me carrying a load of branches! Or that could have been a lack of water causing me to hallucinate
2 races 2 days
The wind was everywhere up the cliff road thingy and the line of ants just seemed to keep on going! I was dying to get to the turnaround point just so I could run down hill. I met Rob, Tony, Maj and Maj┬'s older younger sister on the way back, its always good to get high 5 or a wave from club member which helps you to get to the finish line! Little bit of a sprint to the finish and I was well happy it was over! 56.25 for the run! Total time 2.55.40! Happy enough with the time! If only the swim start happenings didn┬'t happen I might have done a little bit better! Water and bananas were a plenty and they even had chocolate brownie too! I might have had 2 or even 3 of these little babies because they were that nice! All in all it was a great but very hard race and I suppose they don┬'t call it HELL OF THE WEST for nothing!
2 races 2 days
After we said our good byes to Rob and the Harty Girl┬'s, Myself and Tony headed off to find somewhere for our Sambo┬'s before the long journey home! I had my compression tights on, as I knew I needed my legs to recover ASAP for Skerries triathlon on Sunday! Sambo eaten, war stories traded and off we headed! From leaving the house at 4am, I got back to Lusk at about 7pm so it was a long ass day and not even a long ass easy day at that!
Wetsuit cleaned, bike cleaned, Tri-suit cleaned (thanks Sarah for the QTA) pizza on, pizza eaten and off to bed!

Sunday had brought Skerries Triathlon, As this was a local event we had a great turnout of Fingal Tri members where there would be many a battle won and lost here today and allot of bragging rights to be got and lost too!
2 races 2 days
Olympic was off 1st and sprint off when the last person from the Olympic started their 2nd lap so it would be a busy swim overtaking some of the slow backmarker from the Olympic! I was looking forward to this swim too because Stu Curtis had been at me for a few weeks about how his swim was better than mine and how I would need to catch him on the bike and what should he wear so I could see him on the bike etc etc so I knew I needed a good swim even though I had done the Olympic the day before!
Stu to my left sporting the Irsh Tri-suit that he bought from someone with the same second name as him(also look at the white fox in the backround ready for action)
2 races 2 days
Hooter gone and myself and Paul Brod legged it into the water, he started to swim at about leg height while I opted for the walk beside him telling him that its easier to walk than swim until he tells me to ┬"would you ever just swim┬" 1st marker reached and it was a long swim to the next one as it was against the wind and you could hardly see the 2nd marker! Swimming along on my merry way when I see Stu beside me swimming at my pace, I knew I had a chance to snatch this swim from him at this stage so I needed to up my pace a bit I hoped he couldn┬'t follow! 2nd marker passed and it was into shore we headed with the waves and the tide so it made it easy for me to stretch out my stroke! Out of the water and on the way to T1 I go! 20.12 for the swim so id say it was a long/hard 750 mtr! On the way to T1 I had left a bar on the ground so I could pick it up and eat it on the way to my bike but trying to pick it up I slipped like a fooking eejet! Bar in one hand, ego in the other off to T1 I head! 1.06 and im away on the bike! The black hills are about 2k from transition so I knew what to expect so had my drink sorted and gears in easy mode for my favourite part, the hills! Its funny when you get to these hills because it goes from the sound of bikes whizzing along the road with the odd ┬"on the right┬" to all that can be heard is heavy breathing, groans and the odd ┬"come on you Fcuking B*stard┬" as we all try get up the hill! From training on this course id say I would have the advantage over the others that don┬'t because I know where to go balls out and where not to! I do the normal with the 1st part of the hill (try get up the bloody thing any which way at all) and hold out till the 2nd part of the hill to try and I use that word very loosely Try give it socks up the rest of it! I even managed to pass a few people heading up the hill so I was happy with that! Down the road and around the corner to another slight hill that wasn┬'t so bad. I Met Brian Reed on his first lap of the Olympic, said a quick hello and good-bye to him and away I went!
2 races 2 days
Heading back towards Skerries I passed a good few on the straights, reaching about 55k in some places. The route had changed slightly from last year with the last km heading trough a housing estate and back onto the main road that we would have went out on! A couple of small little dinky turns that had no marshals to direct people but lucky I knew the way to go (well I knew A way to get me back to transition and that┬'s the way I took) 45.07 for the cycle but here is where it went pare shaped, I had tied my Fingal jacket to the bar where my bike was racked so I could find it easy in T2! but someone must have removed it from the bar so I could find my space to rack The White Fox and get my runners on! I was in so much of a panic that I never thought of looking at my number belt to see what number I was! 2 mins in transition and im finally out on the run!
2 races 2 days
I passed a few on the run but I was passed by more as normal! I got to the turn around point and I could see Kev chasing me down! I upped the pace a bit I got to the next turnaround point and Kev was even closer, so I pulled out the ┬"ah Kev you have me┬" card in a hope to play mind games with him. I got to a corner and when I was out of Kevs site I picked up the pace again,
2 races 2 days
I could see the finish line at this point so their was no way Kev was gonna catch me!! 22.31 for the run and I finished 40/220 1.30.48 so I was happy with!
Off to the prize giving and for some well earned beers!
irishstuby member: irishstu, Jun 30th 2011 13:24
It's nice to see you so gracious in victory...66 days to go until Galway race. I think you've peaked too soon baby!

Well done - you looked in great shape and in good form racing in Skerries
smooreby member: smoore, Jul 2nd 2011 00:23
Well done Dave, I enjoyed your blog a lot, a very honest, hysterical account of yourself - never lose that! You are destined for greater things and long may it continue :-)
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