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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

24kgs x 2 = pain + Into the sea i go!

DaveMilneby DaveMilneMar 30th 2011
24kgs x 2 = pain + Into the sea i go!
Another week down lots more to go.....

Started off the week with a swim, my training plan has me down for a run and a swim but ive missed the last 3 or 4 "i think" so ive to try get back into the swing of that, the bright mornings might help a bit. Arrived at the NAC at 7 and was greeted by a Fingal Tri lane, Barbie and Gav Gray were already swimming, done a half an hour set, just lengths at no real pace, just got in a good few lengths and that was that.

I headed out early on Monday evening before the speed session to get in the black hills, im trying to get some hills into every cycle i do as i find im getting dropped very quickly at any hills i do with a group, done the hills and out to the ring road i went, Lisa was already there doing the laps, it wasn¬'t long before the group arrived, sprints are on the cards for this evening so sprints we done! Im finding my speed and endurance is increasing every time i do these sets. I kept it in the big ring to keep a bit a resistance on the pedals and i found that i didn¬'t miss the little ring at all, if only that was the same on the hills!!!!! Paulie had a blow out in the front tyre so that added some excitement to the evening, although he did think it might have been me that caused it for payback as he flicked up a stone at me moments before, quick stop to see if he was ok and back at it we went, one more sprint and i was bunched so call it an evening about 45k done so it was all good.

Tuesday was back to rest day so the most i done was walking the dog around the ring road.

Wednesday morning i went for swim expecting Barbie to be there to keep my company in the lane but she came up with some lame ass excuse about her car not working or something!!! ha ha but she did say she was going Thursday morning! I used the paddles for 15mins and nothing for the other 15mins, its hard to know how your swimming when you have no one to pace off or the amount of times you lap them, so id say i was just plodding along at no real pace. But as i was swimming i was looking a couple of lanes down at the club swimmers, man they can swim, their legs just power trough the water with ease, like a motor boat, id love to be like that! or is it that i would love to be accepted into their group wearing my Bondi¬'s without being slagged:-P
Fartlek was the dinner for Wednesday and we were doing 3.5min x 3 and 3min x 2 with 3 minutes recovery between each set (or the other way around), we have one of the biggest numbers at running i think to date so we were split into two groups, slow and fast, i was in the slow group as running is not my best thing, off we went to the sea front for the slow group Fartlek and i wasn¬'t long before i realised that i wasn¬'t happy! We all started together and i was leading the group every time with Majella right behind and then no-one, Majella is a bit like me when she is doing the sets, she like to have someone in front to help drag us along, help us push ourselves and make it not easy to do but as we were the only two out-front it was hard to increase pace or any of the above, our last set had arrived and i can honestly say i could have done 5 more, (now by no means am i saying i was too good for the slow group i was in, it just doesn¬'t suit the way i like to do Fartleks!) the fast group had joined up with us for their first 3.5 min and our last 3.5 min run so off i went with them and i felt like it was more of a push than leading the slow group, we covered more ground in the last one than any of the previous ones and i could have done more with out a doubt, but as Liuwe is the coach, you have to go with what he says (that¬'s my mini rant over)
Thursday was a wipe out for me as Luke was waking up most of the night as he teething so i was to shattered to go do a swim set in the morning and the evening i was busy doing something (cant remember to be honest)
Friday was the 1000mtr TT in the pool so it was gonna be fun morning for all, 400 mtr warm up, 10x 50mtrs off 55sec and then 1x 1000mtr TT, we had got into order for the TT and i was the third out in the lane so i had a real job to do to stay of the toes of Dinny. I had managed to keep with him for about 500mtrs and i got held behind a couple of the slower swimmers and by the time i had passed them he was gone, no chance in catching him so i was swimming solo for the rest of the 1000mtrs, 18.03 was my time (i think) but i might have gone a wee bit quicker if i knew how many laps i had done (lap counting is not my strong point), i could have upped my pace the last 200mtrs as i was feeling strong.
Kettlebells kettlebells kettlebells, this was one of the hardest classes that i have done to date, it was 24kgs kettlebells x2 for the dead lifts, clean and jerks, plank and rows and then for double arm swings, it was more quality than quantity at this and it felt worse than any other of the classes ive been to so it felt good to really feel the pain, I bet I feel the pain in the morning and Sunday! I think I will have to give next Fridays one a miss because ive my 1st triathlon the following day!
We had the Herd cycle on Saturday morning with Liuwe in attendance for guidance, so of we went, we were heading n the 70k route with a brick to follow in two groups so all was good. Some old git told us off on the way into rush for not singling out so he could pass us (we held him up for 3minutes and he was losing the rag). Off we headed to the black hills and as always I struggled but it was worse today, me legs were like they didn¬'t have any power at all in them, I felt like I had loads of energy but my legs were telling a different story! From the time I got up the black hills I was always on the back foot, I could keep up with the group but it was a mega struggle! Del showed some serious power by going up the black hills in the hardest gear on his bike, it¬'s the only time I will ever pass him going up the hill¬... As we got on in the cycle I decided that I would jump off around the 50k mark and just head home as the effects of last night Kettlebell class was really showing, I had no power in the legs and was struggling to keep up at this point, I think my heart rate on the way home was at about 120bpm (that shows you that I freewheeled most of the way home to make it easy). Compression tights on for the rest of the day with a nap with Luke thrown in for good measure J. Saturday night I was out for dinner with the family in Skerries for some renowned buffalo wings, chicken burger and to top if off ice-cream and beer yummy yummy.
Sunday is the ELSR day (that I haven¬'t done in a few weeks) but there was a charity swim on in Rush in aid of the RNLI. I done this last year and I had got the shock of my life then with the cold, breathing and how your swim stroke in the pool matters not in the deep blue sea*, so I was hoping that this year might be different with all the sea swims that I had done during the season. Ok so the water was still cold but it wasn¬'t half as bad as I had remembered. I kept a nice rhythm with my breathing and my stroke felt fine but my hands and toes were freezing. Last year tony had pulled out a surprise win over me in this swim so this year I wasn¬'t making the same mistake; I even gave him a head start and all! Ive a deadly picture that I will put up next week of the two of us swimming the same shot (me actually about to hammer passed him with ease more like) the swim was 2k but it felt less than the 1000m we had done in the pool on Friday so I wasn¬'t really at all tired after it so that¬'s always a plus. Hot showers, soup, sambo¬'s and some chocolate cake to top off the morning.
*More like cold, dark and tasting of diesel.
I had seen on Facebook that a local Tri club was running an aquathon on Sunday afternoon and given that I was still feeling fresh I headed up to give it a shot, it was only a 400mtr swim and 4k run so it would have been over in 20 mins. I signed in and was then told how it was gonna be run, you swim your 400mtrs in the pool then get out get dried and into your running gear and then wait for everyone else to finish their swim before heading over to the run start as a group for a 4k footrace!!!!! Now, I wouldn¬'t win shit in a footrace so this was already not looking good for me so I opted out of the whole thing and got my money back. A couple of reasons I opted out was, I was told that the latest the run would start was 5pm (I had dinner in Sarah¬'s mam¬'s at 5pm) I only had a trisuit with me (I would be fooking freezing waiting around). And also I didn¬'t fancy the waiting around lark, id pre-fair doing the swim and straight out on the run to get it all done and over with, it just means that people who are not the strongest swimmers can do the swim, fully recover and run like mad men for the 4k run. Me on the other hand would be feeling fresh after the 400mtrs swim, having to wait around and then just give it socks for the run and maybe overtake one person at the most!! So off back down the motorway to get some of Sarah¬'s mams Sunday roast followed by an Eton mess.
Ive also decided to give up chocolate starting from Monday to help try shift some more pounds so this will be fun! Ive given up crisps for lent aswel but I don¬'t really miss them, it¬'s the chocolate that will be the hardest so in one last feast on Sunday evening I had a mint crisp, dairy milk and a galaxy bar in the space of about 40mins! Roll on the sugar withdrawal for me! I pity people who will have to try talk to me in the first few days!!!!
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