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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Busy week for me :-)

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJan 20th 2011
Busy week for me :-)
Mondays cycle on the ring road,
Monday nights now consists of donning on the Lycra, having more lights on your bikes then the main runway in Dublin Airport and the most important items for winter cycling, skull cap and gloves!!!. It was freeeeezing!!! And I'm nearly 100% certain that I seen a polar bear wearing a coat and hat it was that cold.
We had a good turn out in numbers, so this means┬...┬..... yep you got it, Banter and slagging!!! Jeremy still was harping on about being dropped on Saturdays long cycle and of course Paul Broderick added fuel to the fire by saying that I knew Jeremy was cycling between groups and that I had said fcuk him lets cycle faster!!!!! Complete lie I might add, Saying fcuk him, maybe! But cycle faster!!! I was already going flat out, so Jeremy knew he was telling porkies then!
We done a couple of laps warm up and then the normal happens, Kevin Arrives!!! late as always (Kevin would be late for his own funeral), so off we went doing sprints of 2 km followed by half a km recovery (well, until someone took off like a bat out of hell and we would try catch them) , the banter had ranged from Rob trying to sell us the idea that we all need the Rolls Royce┬'s of TT bikes to the inbetweeners . 28km later we were all shattered and bloody freezing, time for a cool down me thinks, On the cycle back to the house myself and Paulie had convinced (well we hoped we did) Paula to sign up for a triathlon asap, deep down we all know she wants to do the Half Ironman in Galway..

Tuesday was going to be a Kettlebell Tuesday with the man himself Dinny Collins, but it wasn┬'t ! my knee was still a bit sore from Fridays Kettlebell class so I opted out to give my knee a wee rest and decided to drop my bike up to TMG cycles in Skerries for a Tune up and some new bar tape (exciting or what! I'm soooo gonna be the envy of the HERD) , I also had the brain wave to wash one of the dogs, ah bless him; he hated every second of it!

Wednesdays run session in Skerries with Fingal Tri, Christ it was cold!, so there was justification for me to wear my Russian Ushanka hat before we started, well to say the abuse I got was unreal, everyone make comment about it! Mostly slagging I might add! Before we got started Donna was dishing out the new Fingal Tri gear from the boot of her car, looking mighty dodgy I'd have to say but I was devastated to find Lisa had got a pair of Fingal Tri gloves from Donna┬'s car boot sale.! Gloves!!! Ive got nearly everything on the Fingal Club gear site, but these little babies I needed! Next order going trough, these are mine! (so what if I look silly with the gloves on in the middle of summer, there MINE),
It was a big lap warm up and then down to business, High knees, Heels flick and sprints by about a millions times!!! As always there were comments made about Fergus not lifting his knees high enough, Jeremy shouting at me to do high knees when I was meant to be sprinting and Lorraine slating me for my hand/arm movement during high knees (later she found out that it helps to get the high knees up higher).
Next were Circuits, Circuits, Circuits and more Circuits. Push up┬'s, sprints, leg raises, high knees, heel flicks and calf raise┬'s were on the menu for today, we split into groups of 4 and I think I was dragged into the messers group, Rob, Jeremy and Fergus! I think we could have called ourselves the smoking guns or the unfit 4 (kind of like the Fantastic four, but not!) as the steam coming off our heads was mental, especially mine! as we reached out press up station, rob pulled out the old ┬"ive a sore shoulder act┬" (he said he done it in the Beast of the East Triathlon, but we were all there and no-one seen anything) and decided to do the girlie press ups, while myself, Fergus and Jeremy hammered out 40-50 respectively* With Liuwe supervising all our sets we hadn┬'t really any chance of taking a easy set so it was all hard hard hard!, its was a great intense session and we would not have expected anything else, warm down was done while new member Margaret showed us some of her Karma Sutra moves, to Jeremy's delight as he had the best viewing position┬....

* may have been more like 10-15

This Thursday I collected my Bike from Tmg's, it got a service and new bar tape! the new bar tape was black and white and as Glen called it Gateway tape as it is like the gateway logo.... but deep down we all knew he was very envious of the tape and i bet he will have it on his bike next week. The better half was going to Yoga this evening so i decided take i would rack up Fergus's turbo trainer and give it a lash, Christ you nearly need a degree to get that thing up and running! The kids sent to bed early so i didn't get any smart comments from the 7year old and no funny looks or making strange with the 6month, so off i started peddling like normal, easy enough i thought, heart-rate sky rocketed at the start but levelled off to a 128-133 bpm (are you impressed Liuwe, are ya!!!!) i was given a test to do on the turbo trainer by the club teacher Derek (only kidding)but i said i would leave that to the next time, I watched a rugby match on the telly for the hour i was on it and i must admit, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. although you feel it alot more on your arse on the Turbo because you don't get up off the seat at all, 1 hour done, sweating like crazy but i felt like i had done sort of a work out if that makes sense?

Friday = SWIMMMM-----TIMEEEE (you have to say it in a Jersey Shore style lingo, youtube it if you don't know what I'm harping on about), I felt alot better this session than i did last week, 400m warm up - and then I.M (individual medley) 4x100m, Jesus that butterfly stroke it a pox to get going, i could only imagine what the swim club in the next lane were thinking about out efforts.... we had a 10x50m off 1min to finish off with, I kept it on 1 min 50meters so i was happy with, should be trying to hit the 55sec mark soon :-). 10 mins left at the end,PLAY TIME!!!!!!! yeah right, i wish, it was pairing off with other members the same build, as Stu had jumped ship i had to pair up with new member Brian, not the same size as me but a very strong swimmer, he had to hold my ankles while i only used only my arms to swim to the end of the lane, wasn't that bad believe it or not, i felt a tad sorry for Brian having to drag my arse back down the lane but he done well, he even had the power to overtake Jeremy and Paul, although it was like 2 container ships passing each other in the middle of the night, slow and steady! i think myself and Paul even had a moment as we passed LOL. we also had to do a group start swim, i think there was about 15 of us swimming down the lane at the same time, it was chaos!! ( as Siobhan described it "its like a sea of testosterone flying up the lane") it was great crack though, we even had some new members at the swimming which is always good, we are getting big as a Triathlon Club that is not even 2 years old , Go team Fingal Tri :-)

Friday evening was Kettlebell Friday..... it was an easy enough class that didn't have squats (thanks Dinny), my knee was still a bit sore from last Fridays Kettlebell class so all was good with the no squats class, Dinny got us to do what i can only describe as the devils press-ups, Kettlebell on one side and other hand on the floor! i managed to do 5 on each side on the 1st set and then went down hill from there, I struggled with 3 on the next 2 sets . all in all good class that i can still feel in my arms today (Saturday)(and now Sunday), Gary was showing off a bit in the class by doing a couple more than me of the press up, but this will be his downfall cycling with the HERD in the morning... (i love when a plan comes together)

Saturday = Cycling with the HERD :-)
We thought it might have had a bit of ground frost Saturday morning but all was good and it had melted overnight, so we had clear roads to rip up. The numbers were good even if it was cold, 9 of us headed out and before we even had left Lusk we had a puncture, quick fix turn into 15mins of laughing and kettlebells chat, new tube in and off we go, just past Rush, bang another flat tyre, Gavin's bike again, same wheel and all, it was a little thorn causing the problems.. this time we got to use my Co2 pump that i had, Ger had a dose of the horn watching us use it... "DEADLY!!! i read about them ages ago in a mag and i was dying to see one in action!!!" ah bless him, up and running in record time 10mins LOL Paula who had left Lusk an hour after us had passed us on the Rush-Skerries road, so when i tally it up our road side puncher repairs had taken longer than i thought... oops ah well! off we went third time lucky we think ! less than 100meters down the road Jeremy had a puncher!!! 3 bloody punchers in less the 10k! where would you get it !!!!!!!! so after a quick stop, puncher fixed, quick chat and fluid displacement stop we were off, this time we weren't gonna stop!!! blackhills-check, Shout abuse at Stu as he got out of his car-check, Naul Hill-check, flat out after the hill-check, Paulie and Brendan dropped off just after the Naul as they had to be home for 11 as they both had a double booking in chart-busters for all over tans and haircuts for their Saturday night antics.
We picked up the pace after that and knuckled down and to try slow me down Glen flicked up a stone from his back wheel and landed it in my eye socket! the things Glen does to slow me down!!! after slowing up to remove the bolder from my eye, i was in fear of the thing that Ive been slagging most about.... being dropped by the HERD.... Fcuk no ! i say, I peddled like a mad man to catch up and when i arrived up beside them i try to look like normal, not out of breath and not dying... It might have worked.... Up around the back of the airport we stopped to wait on Gavin and Gary(Gary was last weeks victim of Herd, he got dropped again) but they were nowhere to be seen, (dropped 2 weeks in a row, he is the table leader at this early stage) we decide to head back to Lusk in a train of 3 going about 32-35kph, poor Rob was hanging on by the skin of his teeth (his words not mine), but we all got home fairly quick with our injection of pace, another great cycle with the HERD,
OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh Saturday afternoon brought us into Cyclelogical shopping for new TT bikes :-) after about an hour of looking at this, looking at that, sitting on this bike, sitting on that bike, slagging Tony Brennans DynoRod pink boxer shorts and Paul Broderick's lack of boxer shorts, Jeremy and Paulie ended up with new Quintana Roo's TT bikes and i got nothing :-( bu hu me! Watch out people Jeremy will be coming to a transition near you with flames!!! )you will see for yourself soon what i mean! so back to Lusk we head in Paul brods puddle hopper ! 1litre mazda 2 (picture small car with 3 full grown lads in it) we could have ran home quicker only we couldn't use the port tunnel.

Sunday i usually do some sort of training, but instead i was asked to head to base2race in Fashion city in ballymount to get a bike fit session done, When i heard this i was very excited as Ive never really felt right on my bike from the time i got it (over a year and half ago), saddle to high/not high enough, riding position well off and a weird looking bow legged cycle style!!,(your picturing it now i bet) was a just a few things wrong with my set up. when i arrived at Base2Race i was greeted by Dominic from VELO MOTION in the car-park, very nice guy from first impressions, we went off up the stairs to the shop/training centre and wow i was surprised about what they had in there, it was quality not quantity! lots of shiney new bikes hanging from the roof/up on the wall and on the floor, wow i was very impressed, i had a quick look around and then it was fitting time, Dom asked me some questions about my training past/present, my goals this season, what type of cyclist would i consider myself (i would have loved to say a "shit cyclist, cos that what i am") but i opted for the "i just keep going" answer.... . off we went into the bike fitting room where my bike was hooked up to the "LeMond Revolution" turbo trainer, man I'm sooo thinking about selling a lung or even a child to get one of these... you don't need your back wheel for these bad boys so no need for turbo tyres etc etc... :-) Dom was using the SICI (Serotta International Cycling Institute) style of sizing up riders on their bikes, after a few bits of measuring this, measuring that and before you ask i was aloud to hold the tape while he was doing the inner leg :-). we done the hamstring test thingy (stand up straight, lean over and try touch the ground... FAIL!!! i barely got past my knees! i think Dom was in shock at my lack of flexibility. out of ten, i got a 6.... better than the marks my 1st ever girlfriend gave me i suppose!!!!! up on the bike i got and first thing Dom noticed was my very tense shoulders and my straight arms holding the hoods... do you always ride like this?? eh.... Erm... yeah, is this not the right way? (I'm sure Dom was like"this tool has signed up for a half Ironman and he cant even cycle in the right position" "I'm in for a long afternoon". after a alot of up this, down that, how does that feel (keep your minds clean folks, i know what your thinking) swap this around, hang this from the knee (stay with me guys, clean thinking) we got a near picture perfect riding style, with my arms not tensed at all and shoulders nice and relaxed, all the angles in the right tolerances and feeling alot more comfortable in the new position. its amazing that only a few millimetres here and there can make such a difference. now that my bike was fitted correctly Dom took video analysis of my cycle style and he will overlay a grid for me to view so i can see what im like. After that Dom had me lying on the floor testing my leg flexibility, once again i failed! well below average on both legs, so I'm thinking yoga might be on the cards (i will have to tell Sarah she is no longer allowed to go to Louise's yoga class on a Thursday, as i need it more). overall i was very happy about the bike fitting Dom done, he was very informative and very knowledgeable about the whole experience and i would recommend him to anyone that's looking to tweak their riding positions/style's for the better.Bike fit session over i took a few minutes to look around the shop, they had and endless pool for testing out wetsuits and analysing your stroke, full gait testing set up for your running style, Nutrition store for the all important Diet and bikes and accessories for every rider. as i was in aww of the new pumps they had in stock (travel pump that hit 130 PSi in a couple of pumps) i spotted this cracker of a bike Argon 18 e80, as Dom had it down from to floor in seconds and had pedals on it before i could blink and next thing i was on the bike in the car park cycling around loving it! (watch this space as it could be coming to transition near you) Dam you Dom, you crafty sales man.......

sorry about the length of this weeks post, next week will be shorter i swear
LisaBoardmanby member: LisaBoardman, Jan 24th 2011 10:52
you'll have to get urself a secretary soon to type up your blog!
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