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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Crouching Yoga, HERDing cycle

DaveMilneby DaveMilneFeb 2nd 2011
Crouching Yoga, HERDing cycle
Monday brought me happiness as i had picked up my new steed the day before and i was dying to try it out at the speed session that evening, but as the house was like a small hospital with Sarah, Ben and Luke all sporting some sort of sickness, well Luke wins it by a mile, he had a Nose, Ear, Eye and chest infection, I was in two minds to head out but with the new bike silently calling me from the kitchen "Dave" "Dave" " you know you need to take me out on a spin" and I also didn't fancy catching any heebie jeebies I decided to head out. First impressions of the bike, Quiet! Really Quiet! It doesn't even have that clicking noise when you¬'re freewheeling :-(. But it felt good and felt fast. On the way up to the meeting point i dropped onto the tri bars to see what it was like, nice but not a comfortable as i thought it would be. The belly was getting a few knees every time i was peddling so it could be an idea too try get rid of that...(easier said than done I might add). After meeting up with the crew and finished showing off my new steed we went on the warm up, couple of laps up and down to warm the legs and then GONE!!! Jeremy Paul x2 and Mark took off like it was last orders in the local. Right so!! Down on the bars and pump the legs, Christ the bike can move but your using your leg muscles in a different way on a Tri bike so the legs didn't last too long but I managed 5 lots of sprints so it wasn¬'t that bad. 31km done and it was time to call it a night, while the lads and lassies were packing up we had an almighty bitch/chat about politics and doctors fees (I Know random or what). My main aim for tonight's session was to get used to the TT bike but as normal if someone takes off, I'm usually the first to follow! Must try to stop that!

Tuesday was a rest/roller day, I had got a Foam roller in Base2race on Sunday, so i decided to use it, Christ it was sore!!! Very bloody sore! I'm sure the neighbours were looking trough the front window saying to themselves WTF is he up to now, he must have lost it! At one stage while i was rolling my quads I'm sure it looked like i was making love to the floor while watching the telly! I done my legs front, back and sides and you would think it would be easy to do, IT WASNT! My muscles felt good but sore afterwards so hopefully it works!!!! hummm we will see though, if not Dinny will be getting to meet my friend "PAIN" (say it Mr T style) as he recommended me to get one.

Wednesday was the normal run session but it was my first run since last Monday as I was struggling with a sore foot, warm up felt good, no pain so all was good, I had a lot of pressure on me this session as Liuwe wanted me to keep time, 40 mins was our moving time goal and all I had to do was press start! Not as easy as you would think!!! LOL. We done a lap warm up then onto the sea front for a 32ish minute run, I'm nearly sure Liuwe told us to go at a fast-ish pace, so that I did! Myself and Jeremy had a moment together in a dark corner relieving ourselves of fluids (wee stop you dirty minded gits) and after that we headed off a 100 knots, we were going at a great pace and then Liuwe decided to split us up, J-man was off with Marc and I was flying solo! I caught up with Gary so I had a new wing-man to keep my company, my heart rate was at around 175-180 so I was going hard but I felt good, I even had words with Liuwe about him wanting me to be at 130-135bpm while running! After the run Liuwe brought us all up to the green where we all thought we were gonna stretch down but he had other ideas, heel flicks, high knees and sprints x 5, and because the tree was moving towards us and not the cone moving away from us it was getting longer and it was like torture. He also made us do these sort of squat thingies for a minute, O feel the burn!!!!!!!!.

Thursday was here already; the working week is nearly gone, thank god for that! It was Yoga time for the second week in a row, what was meant to be Sarah¬'s gig had turned into my gig as she was still sick from last week, Keeping in theme with the class (lots of women, I'm the only guy) I was collected by Barbie and Meatball (Sheila and Se√°na) and off we went, Sheila was trying to convince us that she didn¬'t really want to go to the upcoming post duathlon drinkie poo¬'s as she is not much of a drinker (I kid you not, she thought she could fool us). We arrived a tad late but I got a warm greeting from loops (Louise) and a ¬"ah your back for more¬" with a smirk on her face, I bet in her head she was like ¬"FFS why do you bother coming to this class, you¬'re a flexible as a board¬", but on a good note she commented on how good my blog was, so I had the last smirk. Sit on the pad and relax your breathing, we were off crouching tiger hidden dragon, (I think I might have exaggerated the names last week). Forward facing dog, Standing Forward stretch, the one with your arse in the air stretch, Warrior 1 stretch and the dancer one (I think that what it might be called) was on the cards this evening. I felt a lot better in this class than I did last week but I was still sweating like a mad man, I must be the only person the sweats in a yoga class, right? I think I might invest in a sweatband for my head ( hummmmm I wonder can I get a Fingal Tri one)

Friday morning is have a wash morning in the NAC, Drills was on the cards this morning, drills drills bloody drills, 200mtr f/c warm-up-200mtrs leg only, 1000mtrs side drills thingies and then to top it all off, 2x250mtrs fast pace, all in all I felt good in the swim session, I think im getting stronger and I'm getting the fitness back up as well. Owl Jeremy had a pop at my over taking skills in the lane as I went passed/over him in one of the sets, he said he will rob my jocks next time I do it like that. I think he was a tad bit bitter cos I passed him. (ha ha ha love you Jeremy) but on a serious note I think I was just turning in to early after I over took him so I will have a wee look at that. Good owl Friday swim set, it¬'s a great way to kick start the Weekend*
As Friday morning swim sessions are to the tee and we have every minute accounted for so we can skid in the doors of our jobs at the right time, I was shocked to find that Barbie had asked me for a lift to her job (that¬'s not the problem) but need to dry her hair first¬.... Women!!!! I was 1 minute late for work as a result so Barbie is gonna pay for that
*May not be true

As I usually do kettlebells on a Friday evening it was going to be no different this evening but I was tired and the legs were feeling VERY heavy, you know like the heavy legs you get after a hard training session, well that¬'s what i was feeling, so i opted out of the kettlebells and decided to lay on the couch for the evening to watch toy story 3 dvd with the kids followed by some 6 nations rugby but as the wind was blowing hard my skybox had different ideas! blue screen was on instead of the rugby.. Not happy, so it was off to the pub for me to catch the second half. I even had 2 pints :-) (I know and I was cycling in the morning). So I'm thinking my heavy legs brings out the worse in me!!!!

I was making sure i wasn't late for today's cycle with the herd, i was up at quarter past 7 to fuel up and Lycra up, rain was on the cards too so rain jacket was a must! It was a small attendance of the herd that showed up this morning, weather, nights outs, weekends away were some of the excuses I heard for the rest of them but it will always be that way so all is good, It was myself, Rob, Gary, Jeremy, Ger and Glenn, so a nice pace was the order of the day! Swords cc club were no where to be seen today so no abuse was exchanged between parties... ha ha ha it was a great spin today even though the pace wasn't mental! It was the same route as the last couple times so the hills were still there, they hadn't flattened in the last few days. Black hills were a bitch this week with me managing to stay ahead of Rob so i wasn't last, (although it didn't make much of a difference as we were all within 100mtrs of each other). With a wave too Stu's as we past his house and into naul village where i met an old school friend that is in Piranha Tri club, a quick Hi Johner as we past it was hill time again (not a big hill but a hill, i hate hills if you don't know by now). Since our last weeks bit of road rage we had our eyes open to try find the old man in the jeep to give him more of our minds but this week he was being very polite, as we were cycling along the road i waved a car on as they were just waiting to pass, the car took off passed us and before we realised that it was old-spice in the same jeep as last week he was gone up the road, at least he didn't try knock us off the bikes again. I wonder did he have his bowl of Cop the FOOK on this morning. We finished up the cycling with a bit of pace heading into Lusk and then is was Garmin¬'s off time, 70km in the bag, even if we did say we were going for 80k, wind and weather doesn't help so 70k is not to be sniffed at. 1 problem though i was locked out, it was cold out and I was cold!!!!! :-( Quick ring to Sarah and i was informed that she had told me she was off out and that i should have brought my key. DOH!!!!! Fair play to Jeremy and Glen for hanging around to keep me company for a while, while Sarah headed home to rescue me from the freezing elements. (Thank you Sarah for coming home) we had some banter waiting on Sarah, the funniest being Glenn's neighbour screaming like a banshee while making LURVE with her pilot roomie with all the windows open in her house for all the road to hear! Jeremy was getting awfully excited by all this and needed to be calmed down a tad.

Sunday we were gonna do a 90min slow run but with the weather the way it was I was never so grateful to receive a text from Rob at 7.30 on a Sunday morning, ¬"Lashin, might give this morning a miss¬" was he words and I was back asleep before I knew it. ZZZZzzzzz . As it was Bens first Beavers sleepover I was up at ten to ten to collect him to see how he got on, loved it but he was like a bag of cats all day. I decided I would go for a light run this evening to keep the legs moving so I done a 5km-ish run around the ring road go at nearly walking pace! I wanted to really try this 130bpm heart rate and to say it was hard was a understatement, I had it to about 135ish and then it sky rocketed, 150-170-185-200-215 and even went as high as 220bpm, my pace stayed they same so im thinking the Garmin heart strap was acting up or was it that they are not designed to be used a walking pace or that I was in fear of been overtaken my a granny with her 15year old Jack Russell on a Sunday evening stroll, I think I will go the granny option! I¬'m dying to see my Garmin stats to see if I kept the pace and what level my heart rate averaging!

Next will be a bit of a lazy week as ive a wedding to go to from Thursday to Sunday, so I will miss my Friday morning wash and Kettlebells with the man himself and cycling with the HERD! And maybe even a Yoga class if I could have convinced Sarah not to go, but you have got to keep some sort of balance between having a family/social life and a training life!

Peace out people
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