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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Dragged to my death !

DaveMilneby DaveMilneMar 8th 2011
I'm writing this from memory this week as I'm a tad behind on things,
I done the run/ swim combo this morning but it was only a 2k run with a 30min swim, nothing really exciting about it bar it was fooking freezing while out running! the walking water lady was there with her walking water mate and they had decided to walk/run or what ever you you call it 2 abreast in the same lane i was in! there was a bit of a swim/walk/run off between us as they felt they needed a lot more room than i thought they needed! all it took was one near decapitation from my swinging arm to let them know that i needed more room! they wont be doing that any time soon again! Dave 1 - Weirdo walker/runners in the water 0 bu ya
Monday we headed out to the ring road for some speed work but it didn't really turn out to be speed work at all, it was mainly just getting the kms in the legs at a very slow pace with a lot of chatting.
Tuesday was a rest day so it was greys anatomy with all the fit female nurses in it, this weeks drama was that a lesbian doctor became pregnant with Dr. slone while her girlfriend was off help kids in Africa (i think), but it all ended up OK you will be glad to hear, i don't think i could train knowing that they split over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday it was an early morning swim with Barbie, (Ive yet to get Gary Morgan out of bed for one of these sessions), we arrived out poolside at the same time and picked a lane to jump into, there was 3 other guys in the lane and its always the norm before i get in, sizing them up, are they faster than me? could i pass them with ease? Barbie just bailed in and off she went! it was like myself and barbie were on fire, overtaken these 3 with ease, it always makes you feel good when this happens, but makes you feel shite if it happens to you, but thats how it rolls! we done a good 20mins swim at about 80% until Barbie stopped with a "my eye lashes are rubbing off the inside of my google and it feels like my eyes are gonna fall out" so she called it a morning and headed off, i done an extra 7 mins and out and washed and off the work....(once again i forgot my swim paddles etc etc! oops!
Wednesday evening was running with the club and we were in for a little shock, 20 - 25 - 15 were number thrown around by the flying Dutchman to each member that was there, we didn't have a clue what was in store for us, warm up done over to the green to where we normal do the high knees etc, 2 cones 100mtrs apart and we had to sprint the 100mtrs and a quick recovery back to the start and we had to do between 15 to 25 times depending on fitness and speed. i was mid way (thank fook) with 20 to do. off we went, now I'm crap at counting laps, sprints or any of that stuff so i rely on others to keep track so i never really knew where i was during it, around number 10 you can really start to feel on the legs and in the chest but i kept going and i was having a nice little battle with Maj (she is a wonderful lady, happy now Maj), when we got to 20 i was happy we were finished but i think i might have managed the 25 but i would have been paddy last without a doubt! we finished out the set with high knees, heels flicks and more bloody sprints! at this point i noticed that Donal The club God (looks and speed) was weakening and i took my opportunity to hammer him in the sprints by a clear mile*. Warmed down and a nice little clap to finished it all off! hard session??? Fuck sure it was !
*may not be true, but Donal is club God!
Thursday i was gonna try get to the pool for a wash but i felt tired from last nights session as Liuwe did have this session as a "if your up to it, do it" session and i wasn't so i didn't :-) Thursday evening was a nice evening and after scoffing down Pizza, wedges and chicken nuggets i knew i had to get out, the TT bike was in the hall so the Lycra was donned and off i went, every time i bring the new steed out i always try use the tri bars so the body get used to the tri position, pumping the legs in the big ring so i could feel the burn and then i seen club member Jason, he was on a 6 mile out and 6 mile back, we stopped for a quick chat about how our training has been going and what was the plan for Galway. its always nice to see members out and about while your training, it breaks the silence for a couple of minutes and stops you talking to yourself (which i always do). off we went our separate ways and i continued my spin, 40min spin in the bag all on the Tri-bars (happy with that) and it was off home, but in a moment of madness (i have alot of these by the way) i ditched the bike and stuck on the runners and done a 2k brick session! 10minutes for 2k so i was happy with that!
Friday morning was the proper weekly wash with the club in the Nac and it was time for the Bondi ball stretcher to make the weekly appearance!( the lads are mad into these, they will never admit it tho) when I'm chatting to them its like they have to make eye contact with me and not break it at any cost as they might have a peep at the prized Togs and then face mountains of slagging from me about their love for me in my new togs... ha ha lads! you love it! ok back to what we done in the pool!
it was I.m (25m x butterfly, 25m x Backcrawl, 25m breastcrawl, 25m x Frontcrawl) we had to do this 6 times, so thats means 150m of swimmers having fits trying to do the butterfly with the fishes sniggering at us as they glide passed us! after the fun of Fit swimming we had 10x 100s off our times and off i went, i caught up with Jeremy and Paul as they started behind me and i stuck in with them, we all took turns at the top and we kept it at 2min 100m's, i ended up doing 11 instead of 10but I'm not the bragging type but i did do more than Jeremy and Paul, just saying like!!!!!!
Saturday was the normal with the HERD and we had a double from Fergus! this is twice in two weeks! i wonder is he fearing that I'm gonna show him how its done this year! ha ha its ON!!!!
Kevin I think wanted to come up for breakfast as he arrived at quarter to 8 while i was munching on toast, he came and kept Luke entertained while i got myself ready, he was also having a great chat to Sarah about wine!!! i know.. not even 8 am on a Saturday morning and he yapping about wine!!! I got the normal couple of cry off's, Gary sleeping it out and Jeremy just didn't have the get up and go to join us, everyone gets one of them days so it was all good, It was Myself, Maj, Paul brod, Marc, Kev and Fergus headed off on the normal route bit this time i had the TT bike out to see how i fair on the hills without the granny ring! i was surprised that i found it actually easier to get up the black hills on the TT bike .. strange but it worked! We gave Stu's house an owl wave as we passed ( he was probably waving back from his bed) Fergus hopped off at the 50k loop and the rest of us headed towards the airport (not on a holiday ) i wanted to try match Jeremy's top speed he got last week but i only managed 40k but we were cycling into the wind this week! (thats my story and im sticking to it) Myself and Maj were gonna do a brick session after the cycle but she was feeling a tad stiff for her hard 10miler the day previous so i flew the fingal flag solo.. well i thought i was solo, at the 2.5k turnaround point i turn to see an all familiar "i tamed the Beast" T-shirt* coming towards me, Dave R doing a brick session at a frightening pace, i turned with him and we headed back, he was telling me about how it was the hardest Swords cc club spin he has been on that morning and was in a jock, he could talk!!!! i was giving the one word answers while trying to keep my heart in my chest, i lasted just over a km at his pace and i had to drop back, he was encouraging me to keep up with him all along which it great motivation to keep you going! he waited for me at the the end of ring road and we jogged back to our houses! shower a nap time for me, i woke up still in a jock and i ended up in bed at 8.30 on a Saturday night!!! mental note to one self, while doing a brick session and you come across Dave Russell, run the other way!!!
Sunday my legs were feeling the effect of yesterdays Kenyan sprint session, so i was gonna take the day off and chill out but i got the text from Barbie "Hey, Fancy heading out for a run" so location and time were agreed, Loughshinny loop for an easy run!!! HA yeah right! Paula had text me to see if i was heading out for a run so we all met in what was the busiest car-park on a Sunday morning! Hill walkers getting reading in their winter woollies, scuba Steve and his mates in the 4inch thick wetsuits and us... in Lycra!! im sure they were like WTF are these thicks like! off were headed at a nice pace trying to keep the Hr down (you know my deal with Heart rates) my heart rate seemed to be spiking as i went passed farm animals and other livestock (could this be telling me something?...) we done 3 loops with us all having a chat about us having to wear the Fingal Tri turtle suit for the up and coming tri in Portlaoise in a few weeks, we came to the conclusion that we were not gonna eat till April also Paulie was telling us about these crazing scary films that her and Ken were watching last nite! i would shit a brick at any scary films so was blocking out any thoughts of it!!, Barbie was calling it a day after 3 loop using her dodgy hip excuse again, i was FORSED to do an extra lap as my car key was in Paula's car (that wont happen again i tells ya) on the final km i had to pull out all the excuses i could to get out of doing a 5th loop, Paula just keep saying, this is where the ground is made, it will be in the legs for the season but i just wasn't buying it!! i could have done another 5 loops but i just didn't feel like doing another 5, its a slow pace so the idea is you can just keep on going, but it was a great session that i wouldn't have done only that i got the text from Barbie and Paula so thanks gals!!! i needed to wear my compression tight for the day after my weekend of leg pain!!!
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