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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

First Duathlon of the season....

DaveMilneby DaveMilneMar 10th 2011
First Duathlon of the season....
Start of the week and i was still feeling the effects of the brick session on Saturday and Loughshinny 4 on Sunday. I headed to the NAC for a swim instead of a Run/swim. Done about km in the pool at a slow pace. Noticed on the other side of the pool that the extreme pool walkers had got the hint for their near decapitation last week. I also see gav in the lane next to me, well when i say met, he said hello and i didnt have a clue who he was ! everybody looks different in togs, swimhat and googles!
Monday evening i had to go to the club committee meeting so i headed out early to rake up a few clicks on the TT bike. i was out for about half an hour into it and Paula arrives all smiles on her new bike ready for some cycling, the rest of the lads arrived and we even had two new members, Terry and Neil! we had a quick warm up and i only got in 1 sprint as i had to head but when we were doing the sprint Donal took off in what i can only describe as Lighting! Gone.......... he was a dot on the horizon by the time we got to the far end, this man is gonna get us some medals this season!
Tuesday was rest day so i didn't do much.
Wednesday morning i woke up late and darted off to the NAC for a quick swim before work, quick swim meaning 15mins!!!!! i done around 800meters id say. i really have to try get up early and get the good swim sessions in before work as i found this is were i got most of my swim fitness last season!
Wednesday evening was the club run session an i think we were all hoping for a light run as a good few of us are racing this Sunday but it was fartlek ! but only 5x1min sprints so it wasn't to bad! i held my pace OK and i was never a too far from the top lads! you can always tell when we are finished and when we went on the lap to cool down a tad he called us over to the green! Doh high knees and heel flicks x5 and these side thingys that look like some sort of disco move!!! While doing the high knees Jeremy* dug a small hole in front of me and caused me to go over on my ankle while talking to Liuwe, It was one of them moments when you feel the sharp pain and think the worst! but thank god it wasn't! a little break and a couple of minutes walking i was grand! Phew i thought i was gonna have to throw in the towel for Sundays battle!!!
*may not have been him
Thursday i was up bright and early and off to the Nac for a pre Friday wash, i had the pull bouy and hand paddles with me as i wanted to get in the habit of using them in most of my swim sets! It was very quiet at the pool so i had lane to myself and thats not because i was wearing the Bondi ball stretchers and they all crammed into the other lanes!!! i must have done about 2/2.5 k in the pool between hand paddle swim drills and leg kicks with/with-out board and then 5x50m off 55sec well the last one was about 48secs so all is good with that, i got out of the pool feeling tired but pleased with the swim set!
I know i normally head out with the dog as part of the new training plan but Sarah had other ideas... The Script were in town and needed her chance to try get a rich boyfriend so she was trying to see the lead singer to see if he could help! i will let you know if that was a success or not if i wake up and she is in the bed next to me or not!!!
Friday morning I was in the Nac for a swim session with the club and it was gonna be an intense seesion, 4x250 @5min each and then 10x50mtrs @55sec, I was swimming well leading out for 3 out of the 4 250mtrs sets between myself and Mono, felt strong but i think i could have pushed it a bit more. we done the 10x50mtrs at 55sec leading out every second one, the last one Mono wanted me to lead it out and he was gonna try catch me.... Failed! couldn't catch me :-)
Friday evening was very chilled with sarah needing to head out so i took a handy evening training wise.. i popped into town to a friends 30th for a couple of hours and had 3 pints of water! (the rock and roll lifestyle i lead)
Saturday morning is the HERD morning as we had decided to join the club's Sundays spin with the saturday spin, it was aw very low turn out as a good few of the normal crew (myself included)were racing Sunday, i headed out anyway for a light spin but that turned into a 40km spin taking in the black hills and the run hill in the club duathlon, legs were a bit tired after after that, so much for tapering for a race !
Sunday was here and instead of heading out for a ELSR i was heading to my 1st Duathlon in Naas EEEEKkkk, Jeremy collected me and we headed off to collect Gary, en-route to Naas we had many a laugh about the Fingal tri suits and how we can have two looks in them, out on show to all or has he even got one???? the suit leaves NOTHING to the imagination and you don't wanna be shy wearing one! on the way down we done a pit stop for some pre pace nosh, bananas, breakfast bars and coffee were all on the cards except for me i decided to that the best form of high energy pre race food i could have is a Sausage sambo!!!!! i know, i know not the best idea but lesson learned, wont be happening again! We got down to Naas and met up with the rest of the Club, Jeremy decided that he was too good to pay for his own race and got Dave r to pay for his race, its like jeremy is a pro racer now ! signed up and gear up in the fingal tri gear and we done something we didnt do before any race last year, a warm up! it wasn't long before Cian spotted us and came up and introduced himself, He had won a duathlon a few weeks beforehand and was feeling good this week, top 3 finish maybe?? race brief over and my wonderful watch set up for multi-sport mode (they were all jealous of that) and off to the start line, 3,2,1 and GO!!!! headrate at bazillion beats a minute and still tasting the sausage sambo coming back up my neck!, my game plan was stick as close to Jeremy as possible and hope he would drag me along, i was on his shoulder untill about 1.5km and i had to ease off, Kev passed me with the HI DAVE, KEEP IT UP and a big wave and smile. i kept as close to him as possible and hung on till T1, runners off, helmet on, cycling shoes on and tap the lap button the the watch and gone, look around for any of the Ninja Turtles (fingal tri peeps) paddy last...... DOH, on the bike and pump the legs and got the sights on Kev, went passed Kev think that would be the i see of him on the bike course, Gary next on the list but it was harder than i thought and then i got the HI DAVE, KEEP IT UP and a big wave and smile as Kev shoots passed!!! WTF this man just doesn't stop, he passed gary and he was putting more of a gap than i expected, passed gary about 6/7km into the cycle and kev was nowhere in sight, while knuckling down i ended up in a battle with a 100* year old man, he would over take me than i would over take him until i told meself this has to stop, he is older than my Dad, nearing the 10k mark is always good point as you can see where people are and low and behold Kev was not as far as i expected, i done the Valentino Rossi turn (leg out) and headed off like a hot snot! the returned route had a good bit of down hill in it so i knew that id have the advantage, Kev reeled in like a baby fish and off i went, 2 down and i think that was all i would manage to pass from the club, coming into the T2 kev was just behind me, he just never gives up, Helmet off runners on tap the lap on the watch and off i went, knowing the run was my worst part i knew i would have to try hold on in the run to stay in front of Kev, 1km into the run and low and behold Kev passed me and he was pulling away very quickly, ah shit my answer to that was !! just try hold on and hope gary doesn't pass me! 2km into the run and i noticed that i was pulling in Kev without knowing it, i pushed on hard i hope that the track didn't run out before i caught him but if i had another 50mtrs im sure i would have caught him but thats the way it goes he raced a better race!
I was 20secs behind Kev in the end and about 4mins behind Jeremy, Paulie and Glenn, but all in all i was happy with my first duathlon and here's hoping that i do a bit better next saturday! 1 thing is i wont be cycling the day before a race and my pre race food will be a slight bit different than today's!
*100 maybe 50
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