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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Hard week this week

DaveMilneby DaveMilneAug 4th 2011
Wow, This week has been one of the most training filled weeks to date. My rest days were deffo rest days because I was too sore to really do anything!
On Monday after my weekend of Boozing and general crap eating, I went out on the bike for the club speed session with Jeremy, Paulie, The Boardmans and new guy Rory. We were doing 5x 2k sprints with 2k recoveries between sprints so it was a real sweat fest due to my weekend antics, but it was so need to get my back on track! After the sprints we headed for a 5.5k run at a slow pace to keep the legs used to the bricks! Run finished and I was too lazy to cycle home so I got Jeremy to drop me home! (Lazy or what)
Tuesday I met with the T-Dawg for a swim in the nac, we had all the goodies with us so it was fin this and paddle that and pull bout where!!!!! I think we spent more time putting on the stuff than using it! Little bit of a tip while using paddle! Put your goggles on before you put on the paddles!! You could lose an eye other wise!
Tuesday evening I didn┬'t do much as there was much talk of this HUGE session we were doing at running on Wednesday evening so I spared my legs any over usage! Wednesday morning was swim time again with the T-Dawg and Barbie so we had a mini Fingal-Tri lane to ourselves. 50┬'s and 100┬'s were my breakfast for the day so I was doing my own thing but its very hard to push yourself for fast times when you swimming solo sets but I gave it a whirl anyway! I just want to add that my tumble turns are coming along very nicely at the moment and its amazing how much of a gap you put between you and the person behind you but a simple tumble turn (simple being used very lightly here) I still get the odd few that I end up near the bottom of the pool instead of the top or that I miss a breath in the lead up to the turn and nearly pass out mid tumble much to the joy of some onlookers in the next lane but I WILL get there! And until they are prefect I will continue to do my bastardized version of flip turns J
Wednesday evening was gonna be one of the hardest run session to date due to the fact we had a 10k run before we started into the farteck. It was funny we people started to arrive you could smell the fear in everyone, it was a bit like the start of a triathlon, where nobody wanted to fail so they remained quite until the Dutchman told us to go. It was a slow 10k run lasting an hour and when we got back we had 2 minutes to get some water on board and a quick munch before we headed off for the next session! 3x2k fartlek with 3 min recovery in-between 2ks. The first to I was grand but on the last one was in a jock and dropped back to a near crawl on the last km! Job finished session over and 18k on the clock! Not bad for a Wednesday night! I also got a lovely little surprise back in the car park, Siobhan Moore had given into my torment and made banana muffins and gave me some before I got into my car! Boom one down the hatch before I even started the car! Boom another gone after my shower when I got home! Can┬'t beat them little puppies!
Hard week this week
Thursday morning I skipped the swim because I was wreaked form the run session and I could hardly walk so it was a smart choice to miss that session. Thursday evening Rob and Myself decided we would go for a recovery spin, I could hardly walk let alone cycle! Lucky Rob was in the same boat to, it was a light spin! 30k in an hour on a nice flattish route was in order. We skipped by the turn for the black hills without even joking about heading up them! I think I would have fallen over if I had tried going up them!
Friday we had the club swim session and it was a nice easy enough session with 20x50 and 10x100 all off my turn a round times! The Dutchman was also telling me off for not getting in enough recovery time between 50 and 100s (oops)
Saturday was the Herd and Ger was only dying to show me his black mambo┬...┬... yes you heard right ┬"the black mambo┬" now I know your thinking bedroom sex toy that will satisfy every woman or even mans needs but its not, it┬'s a bike and Ger seems to think fits the ┬"the black mambo┬" name tag perfectly┬.... Now in farness it┬'s a lovely bike with a dirty name, kinda like that ex girlfriend you loved but were always afraid to bring her home to meet your mammy!
Hard week this week
Off we headed towards the Drogheda direction low on numbers but high in chat and banter. A couple dropped off around the 50ish k mark, as they didn┬'t want to go as long as we were planning. Then another dropped off due to the pace and distance we were going so it was the white fox and the black mambo left to make up the rest of the kms home! This was ideal as we could both go down on the tri-bars and pick up the pace. Cycle done 3.30 mins with a couple of toilet breaks and stopping for lights etc so here hoping for maybe a 3hr bike split in Galway (ive just jinxed myself saying this)
Off the bike and into the running gear┬... well while I was changing I spotted the last of Siobhan┬'s banana muffins┬.... You know what happened next don┬'t you! Nom nom nom and it was gone! I did feel slightly bad eating that while Ger was waiting outside for me to appear for the run but when the body wants food no man will stop me eating! Off we went nice steady pace, probably heading off to do a 5k and calling it a day but NO┬... who did we spot ┬... Paula who is training for a ultra marathon! We were met with a cheery smile and a ┬" how far you guys going┬" ah 5k we say, ┬"sure I will go with you┬" off to the top of the ring road where the turnaround point is and before we knew it Paula had us running out the Skerries road┬... WTF! Now in fairness we moaned a lot of the way giving out and complaining so much so that I think she gave up and just said, right we will touch this wall and head back! Bingo we won! 7k in the bag, nothing huge but in the legs anyway! We even got a beep from our coach on the way back. Session over showered and off the local fair, and we all know what they sell don┬'t we!!!
Hard week this week
Paula had convinced me while running on Saturday that it would be good to do 20k Sunday morning so me being the thicko agreed! Jeremy and Rob had said they were going to do it too but I get the Sunday morning text with them jumping ship! So it was myself, Bernie (sporting compression socks and a hangover) and the loon that is Paula!
Paula had a nice route planned that took in a few hills but because we were going at a very slow pace it didn┬'t really matter, we passed 3 drinking taps to add to the bonus so we would never run out of water, cant get better than that! 2.31 minutes later just over 20k in the legs and it was compression tights Sunday!

A lot of long distance training this week and I can still kinda feel it in my legs but it will all be worth it┬...┬.... Well I hope it will
DaveMilneby blog author: DaveMilne, Dec 16th 2011 21:30
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