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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

New Training plan new way of training

DaveMilneby DaveMilneFeb 15th 2011
New Training plan new way of training
Since I got the training plan for Liuwe i said i would give it a good go and see if i see if i could improve my training structure but I had a day off on Monday so i was off to Base2race and Wheelworxs to offload my vouchers, new Tri shoes, cleats and a top-tube bag for the half iron-man was got and i gave Jeremy a bell to see if he was around for a wash in the NAC, we done allot with the hand paddles and pull buoys. Jeremy was also acting like a dolphin, flippers on breath held and underwater he went, kicking like a dolphin all the way to the far end. As I'm not the type to want to be beaten, i squashed my feet into his flippers and i tried the same. 3/4 of the way down is all i got!!!!!! not impressed ! tried a 2nd time, 3rd time, 5 meters short! its now another mission of this season! (the bloody list goes on). We also done a 10 minute set of what we said would be a nice easy pace taking turns at the front to finish off the set, never works out that way and we ended up doing just under race pace!!!! Doh, we also had the excitement of a fire alarm going off and we had to leave the pool! sure how could we get burnt swimming in water!!!!
The evening was upon us and it was time to unleash the new steed for the 2nd time in 3 weeks ! Lucky bike I'd say! I really wanted to keep to the dropped position. So i started ass i meant to go on! done about 18k-ish swapping between tri position and normal position. 1 thing i noticed was that the saddle really hurts your nuts in the tri position (I'm so gonna get slagged for saying that). Mark and Dave R wanted us all to do sprints so as always I'd agree. 4 sprints to cap off the evening 1/2k - 1k- 1.5k and then a nice 2k to top it all off. I found out one thing in these sprints! I'm bloody useless at getting my cleats into the pedals at the start! i did OK in 3 of the sprints but the 2k one i bombed! came paddy last! from starting 3rd! Mark, Dave r and Jeremy flew past me and it was game over! Myself and Kevin had a great chat about his sister wanting to kick-start her triathlon career again (id say her transition times would be alot better than Kev's) we agreed that we would do Lough Neagh triathlon instead of the beast of the east as i would be at a wedding that week! myself and jeremy had a great slag with Kevs dismal performance at the Dundalk duathlon a couple of weeks ago and we decided that this weeks Fingal Tri duathlon, Kevin is not allowed to wear any Fingal Tri clothing so the club can deny we know him.
Tuesday was a rest day so i didn't do much at all.
Wednesday i went for a early morning swim, i forgot to bring my paddles, boards etc so i went for a bit of distance swimming, id say i done about 1500meters at below race pace and then i done 5x50m @ 55sec pace. no real banter as i was a lone ranger this session but I did get chatting to an American guy that was surprised Ireland had a triathlon club!!!!! (humm...... we also have T.V) he was doing the same as me this year with a half ironman. He left the changing room a little more educated and short a euro as he didn't take it out of the locker! Bingo Go me !!!!!! :-).
I normally do the club run session Wednesday evening but as my son was becoming a Beaver-scout i opted to head to that for some photo's and family time! Balance is the key in the life of triathlons.
Thursday was another easy day for me (i know 2 and its only Thursday) but i was going to do a turbo trainer while sarah was at Yoga but it never materialised. ah well i will be fresh as a daisy for the club swim session in the morning!
Friday morning was swim training morning i was feeling good. While trying to convince Kev that he was allowed to wear the club gear at the duathlon and that we needed him to stroke a few cones for us, Donal arrived poolside like the Greek god Poseidon, all tanned and looking refreshed, after a quick man hug he told me he had my North Bondi Tog's! in Fire engine RED no less! wow!!! straight into the changing room to stick these little bad boys on! Christ the first thing i thought of when i put them on was the Simpsons episode where Homer was walking up the beach in his togs (youtube it). In the water i went feeling alot more naked than normal but i felt good... We were doing sets of 200m which were a nice little kick start to the session, then we finished up doing 10 x50m off our times. i was aiming for 55sec turnaround time, Mono (Brian) told me that the two of us would go for the 55s and off we went, the pace was good, i headed a few of the length but i couldn't stick with with for the 10 so mono took over and fair play to him he dragged me up the lane and kept the time well. he encouraged me at each end told me to keep going so fair play Brian , but i was cursing you between lanes keeping up with you but thats what i needed someone to push me. I owe you one Mono :-)
Kettlebell Friday was on the cards as i hadn't been in 2 weeks, Bernie was there as well so i paired up with her. Circuits was the meal of the day, 2 lots of 10 stations, kettlebells, Planks and lunges to name but a few! o the pain.. press-ups were a bitch, i could barely do them! side planks were just as hard, myself and Bernie were having a stare off while doing it, she was trying to get me to think of happy things to ease the pain, didn't work! :-(. Good session all in and I'm already feeling it as i type!!! I'm gonna be sore tomorrow...

Saturday morning was Fingal Tri 1st ever duathlon race and i was marshaling so i didn't get any cycling in today as i was in the ring commons sport centre at 7.30 in the morning so no chance of a ninja cycle before hand.... My body ached from last nights kettlebell class and i knew it was gonna get worse. we set up transition and got everyone together for the race brief and it was 5,4,3,2,1 GO!!!! just as the the race was started i got a phone call to say that there was a cow on its way up the hill!!!! where would you get it a bloody moo cow going for a stroll ... my advise to him was to moooooove over. the race was an over all success with all the Fingal Tri members pulling out great times, Paul B even managed a 14th place (he was saying he had a sore leg and a bit of a cold, not according to his wife that said he was grand and he had a slight sniffle, busted paulie ha ha ha). Jeremy pulled out a surprise win against Glenn, Glenns excuse was the star jumps he did on Wednesday were still in his legs, he also done the 2nd run leg in someones else's runners (i kid you not), when he finished the race he was confused as to where his lock laces were until a guy came up and asked him were the runners on his feet familiar. We allowed Kevin to wear his fingal tri gear if he promised not to put on his make-up and do his hair in transition and try pull out a good time this week, he did us proud. We had all decided to head out for a few beers Saturday to celebrate the success of the race, so 9 bells blue bar, there we were scooping like mad things, it wasn't long until the idea for going to the local club known as "shags" to get late drinks....... this is were it gets messy, pints, pints, dancing, pints, fist pumping, rock the boat and chicken goujons and chips it was game over! all the nights talk of going for a spin in the morning had all but vanished (not in our eyes tho) i even texted Gary morgan at 3am to make sure he turned up!!!(he wasn't even out drinking). the taxi ride home had kinda brought us to the reality that none of us were gonna make it, but rob was adamant so we all said we would see how we felt in 4 hours, 3 hours 50mins later i sent the 1st text to say i was out, i couldnt even move my head i was that hungover so i turned over in the bed and fell back asleep till 12.30. Sausage sambo's later i was still feeling crap although Dinny's motivation call to try get me to go on a cycle with him nearly worked but the offer of a Sunday dinner in my mammy's was too good to pass, Sorry Dinny!
So Saturday and Sunday were scratched off the training list this week, i will have to make up some ground next week! hummm i like my new togs :-)
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