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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Race week including race

DaveMilneby DaveMilneApr 7th 2011
Race week including race
As i have a race this Saturday ive decided to ease off a bit on the training this week and a rest up a bit. Week 1 of NO chocolate!!!
I missed the Monday morning session because i slept it in. DOH!
We had a club committee meeting Monday evening so i headed out for the normal Speed session on the ring road and left a bit early. I didn't go out to Skerries before hand so i was full of energy, the wind was up and we were all sprinting into the wind so no records were broken this evening! We were a few of the normal bodies short because some had been racing ehe weekend or working late, i got in 4 sprints before i had to head so it was better than none! I have also found that Dinny is a crap person to try and draft! The wind was blowing him around and he weighs about a stone and a half!
Missed chocolate at the break today, im replacing it with a yogurt and Orange :-(
Tuesday is rest day with a trip to the mucky fields with the dogs after work being the highlight of the day! Still missing chocolate Badly
Wednesday morning I woke up with a mega headache but i wanted to head to the pool to practice what i had been studying on YouTube Friday evening! Tumble turns... Now i can sort of do a tumble turn but it would be a bit all over the shop and i would lose momentum but it would see me by, but when i was looking on YouTube i seen the way the real swimmers do it, arms by your side as you reach the wall, tuck the chin into chest, flip over and arms over the head and KICK! Easier typed than done i might add! I headed into a lane by myself and done a quick warm up and then tried to do the tumble turn.... Fail! It┬'s so much harder to do it in real life than it is to watch it! A couple of times i even ended up kick off the wall and ending up near the bottom of the pool! Im sure this was comedy show to all the pro's fishing up and down the other lanes! But they all started somewhere too! I think it might be one of those drag someone with you that wants to learn how to tumble turn too so it can be a pair of clowns instead of just the one clown having a fit in the water! (CALLING BARBIE OR GAVIN)
Wednesday evening we had the club run out and we were split into two groups Beginner and Advanced, I was given the option to go with the advanced but im not gonna push it to hard so close to a race, so we had a 1.3k warm up followed by a short circuit session and then 10 x 100m(ish) quick runs and then a 1 lap cool down, very easy session in the bag. As the summer is nearing the lads like to show off a bit of skin and Glenn wanted to be the first, so he whipped off his cat burglar top and boom, the Miami Beach bodybuilding vest! The chicks secretly liked it alto im sure a few of the lads didn┬'t mind it either! Any more ripped and he would be in two! :-P missing chocolate but im finding fruit takes my mind off it.
Thursday morning i opted out of the swim mainly because i woke up at 7.30 and i have to be in work at 8. Oops!
Thursday evening I rested up and just watched telly, No chocolate so far this week and im not seeing much weight coming off so maybe I can still eat chocolate and remain the same weight J
Friday morning we had the swim session and I was gonna do a very handy session, 10x50m in the fast lane and then I jumped into the Tec lane to work on my stroke, Liuwe was giving me pointers about my swim stroke and that I should really stretch out my arms while swimming to make my body slimmer (I doubt that will happen) and slow down my stroke to allow the stretch, so I will do that in my next few swim session to see if it improves my swim speed.
Didn┬'t go to Kettlebells Friday evening because I wanted to rest before the race and remember what happened last time I bombed in the Herd cycle the Saturday after kettlebells, so this wasn┬'t happening again esp. as ive a race tomorrow!!
Race week including race
Early start on the race morning, up at 5.45am to get a feed on and double check my gear, Barbie, Rob, Tony and Jeremy all arrive on time at 6.15 and the road trip begins. Mr Ed (rob) and Shergar (Tony) are loaded into the back of the van and myself; Barbie and Jeremy are in the front like normal people. The topics of conversation for the road trip were embarrassing bodies programme and Jeremy┬'s views on women. Didn┬'t take long before we got to portlaoise and we even blagged our way into the main car park in the centre so it would be easier to get all our gear together. Registration out of the way and another bright yellow t-shirt to add to the collection. We also got a mug and a water bottle in the goodie bag so there was smiles all round and Liuwe will be happy with the t-shirts for the run session!
This was a pool based tri so there was 7 wave starts in total, I was in wave 5 and Barry Redmond from the club was in the same wave too so at least I had a little battle on my hands for the wave. Tony and Rob were in wave 7 and Jeremy was in wave 6, don┬'t know what way the waves were done because we all had the same times in for our swims? Donna, Paula and Barbie were all in waves before me so it was mainly a sitting and wait game until my wave, so it was sit in the crowd and wait my turn! Barbie and Paula were in wave 3 so I waited until they got out and then I got myself ready. We split in small groups depending on what lane you were in to decided our positions in the lane. I met a guy that was in the same lane in last year┬'s triathlon and the triathlon in the NAC. He hammered me last year in Portloaise and I beat him in the NAC so it was the decider to see who got the win in our little battle. We had a swimmer in our lane so he went 1st then my battle aponanent then me and the rest of the lane sorted them selves out and away we went. In pool triathlons you can only pass at the end of each lane and only after you complete 4 lengths, by the 2nd length the swimmer of our lane had opened up a fair sized gap and the guy in front of me was holding me up. 4 lengths done, slapping the feet of the guy and he pulls in to let me go, I would say by length 6 I was already lapping the back markers and this was a real hold up in my aim to catch the swimmer of the lane but that┬'s the way it goes in pool tri┬'s. Overall I was happy with my swim but I could have well went faster but because it was the first tri of the season I wanted to pace myself (well remember to try pace myself) out of the lane 12.10 I had on my watch, quicker than last year so was pleased enough, into T1 I go,
Race week including race
Helmet on, belt on and away I go┬... to where im thinking. I couldn┬'t see bike exit sign anywhere, run exit I see, looking at all corners of transition in a panic, losing time and there is it looking at me, straight in front of me. Doh. Out on the bike and away I go, the cycle route is 1 big 19k loop and because it┬'s a pool triathlon there is not many bikes on the route to battle with. I got passed 3 times on the bike so that┬'s not too bad compared to last year, I think everyone and its mothers passed me last year!!! . Into T2 I go runners on and away I go. The run after the cycle is becoming a lot easier now that we do brick sessions after the Saturday cycle, so I away I head at a comfortable pace, it is a 2k out and back course so its good to be able to see what┬'s in front you and more importantly what┬'s behind you.. On the first 2.5k I met Barbie and Paula, Barbie holding a great lead over Paula, 2 high 5┬'s as I passed and away I went, I got to the turn around point, at this point I knew Barry would be hot on my heels as he is a very good runner, low and behold there is was about 500mtrs behind me!!!!!! Crap crap crap crap was going trough my mind as we got close to each other and then Barry┬'s plan of getting a little rat of a dog to chase me down the road failed to put a halt to my running. From this point of the run I knew it would be a foot race for me to stay ahead of him! Every couple of hundred meters I would keep looking back to see where he was and every time he was gaining! 1km left to go and I gave a good push and that was enough to see me home, I even had the cheek to turn around with 50meters to go and slag him!
Race week including race
Ha ha ha next time im sure he will have me! 1.18 was my finish time, 12 minutes quicker than last year, I even knocked 5 mins off my run time, and so I was pleased with that. 28th overall and 2nd in my age group. Everyone in the club posted great times and even Jeremy posted a 1.22 time and he had a flat tyre! He would have well took my gold if that hadn┬'t of happened but a wins a win!
Race over and it was food time. My loyal support crew had brought a pic nic and it was well tucked into. Yum yum well done mammy great food as always! Showered and back in the van for the return trip and sing along to Moby and U2 (Barbie LOVES U2 so we couldn┬'t get her to stop signing) the rest of the day was just relaxing and I even went all out and got a chipper and had 2 beers!
Sunday was a nice sunny day so Sarah┬'s mam was doing a BBQ and me being me couldn┬'t resist the invitation for a bit of quality nose bag (food). So I decided to cycle for Lusk to Blanch to work up an apatite. 26k I think in about 1.05mins so it was no race pace but it was enough to get a hunger worked up!!!!
P.S my chocolate and crisps ban is still in full effect, but I wonder how long it will last!!!!
That's Barry below after the race, he will never hear the end of this!!!!
Race week including race
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