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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

The Hills

DaveMilneby DaveMilneApr 14th 2011
Monday morning i was up and off to the pool for a wash/swim. Barbie was there before me as always, i must try get there 1st one morning! I done most of the set with paddles on and practicing lengthen out my stroke, we done loads of lengths and i finished off the set with 200mtrs of Leg kicks.
Monday evening Jeremy and myself headed out before the speed session, we got to Skerries and got blown towards the black hills, the wind was mental and drafting Jeremy doesn┬'t stop much of the wind! He claims that he only come in a medium and not a large so it┬'s the best he could do! We conquered the Black hills, well Jeremy did, and I dragged myself up the hill! I still don┬'t know how im going to get any better at these hills! I think i do most hills than anyone and still i get up them paddy last! Any ideas folks???? We got to Lusk and started the speed session, we done 5 lots of sprints and at a very quick pace, ive become the master at sitting on people wheels until the last minute and then take off to take the "victory". It was a great turnout and we had two groups of similar paces so it worked out well! Glenn was feeling the pain from his adventure in the Wicklow mountains with Dinny and Donal (115km of hills hills and more hills) and finished up 1 sprint early, the rest of us finished out the set and headed home!

Tuesday i was in work late but it was rest day so it wasn┬'t all bad!
Wednesday morning i was to go swimming but slept it out AGAIN! I never used to do this last year when i was doing pre work swims! Barbie texted me about not showing up and that she might have to knock into the house on the way past to make sure im up! Oops..
Wednesday evening was the return of the HILL! Loughshinny to be precise! I was in with the speedy's and we had to do 3 sets of 2x500mtrs and 1x1000mtrs all up hill :-(. I was nice to be back in Loughshinny because even the easy sessions there are hard and you always feel like you have done a great workout! 12k in the bag and the legs are feeling stiff already!
Although i said to Barbie that i would swimming this morning, plans change. Ben had to be brought over to his nanny's before work so swimming was a no go! I will only have a done 2 swims by the end of this week!
Thursday evening i went for a jog with the dog, i done about 8km at a steady pace, (i didn┬'t want to kill the dog) Its funny the looks you get from people that are out walking their dogs, its like your the prick for making them look like they are doing fook all and all im doing is killing 2 birds with the one stone, the dogs prefers to run anyway! Well im sure he will disagree!
Friday morning was drills and more drills in the NAC with, I do see the importance of doing them but I still hate them! Its like your not getting a proper workout but it has to be done! Liuwe had me wearing drag shorts, they are like fish net Speedos with pockets and just a tight too, and Liuwe swore that they were XXL size but I think they were XXl boy┬'s size! You can feel the difference when you take them off after using them for a few lengths; it┬'s like your flying along.
Friday evening I opted out of training and got a pizza instead and relaxed (yummy pizza) well Pizza, Garlic bread, wedges and chicken dippers!!!!!
The Hills
Saturday Morning I was up bright and early to head out for a cycle with the HERD, there was two groups out so Liuwe took 1 group out local to do laps around Ardgillian and the rest of us headed out to Howth to do some hills, it was Rob, Majella, Mark and myself heading from Lusk and picking up Gary and Ger on the way, when hit howth in good time and started heading up the graveyard side, this it a long incline that gets my legs burning so its hard enough for me to get up the hill with out getting phone calls for certain member wanting to know where we were (Glenn). Up to the summit we go and back down to the harbour, this is where Ger decided to take the lead and make us go up this hill! It was like a wall! No talking just grunting and a lot of side-to-side out of the saddle peddling! Rob gave up half way up the hill the 1st time and started to walk, now this worried me because I thought he was gonna overtake me as I huffed and puffed up the cliff face, thank god he didn┬'t! Up to the top we went and another call from Glenn, he was down at the harbour that we had just come from, so we agree a meeting point at the bottom of the graveyard side hill so we could go up another one of Ger┬'s surprise hills, another ball buster of a hill done and back down to the harbour we go to go back up the cliff face again, Sure why not pipes Ger, he is starting to lose all dision making privileges within the HERD with all these hills he was making us do! Up to the summit car park for a little photo op (thats Rob helping Glenn pump up Maj's tyre)
The Hills
and lucky we did because Majella┬'s front tyre and a bubble in it and we needed to let some air out of it! That would have been fun shooting down howth hill and getting a blowout in your front tyre! So back up the hill one last time at Ger┬'s request (his decision making privileges have been totally removed from this point onwards) and off down the other side towards home! 80k was in the bag today but we done a lot of hill work so the legs will tell a different story. No brick session done afterwards too (thank god) finished up feeling like we had all done a really hard work out.
Saturday evening I get a phone call from Barbie to see if im heading out for a run Sunday morning (I think she is just checking up on me to see if im sticking to my training plan) we agree to meet in Loughshinny for a few loops at 9.30 (I know on a Sunday aswel) Paula was coming too. I met Barbie in the car park and she tells me
The Hills
that she seen Paula running down the road into Loughshinny! She ran from Lusk!!!!! This woman is mad! It was a nice slow run taking in 4 laps of the 3k loop, Barbie headed off after the 3rd one claiming she had to go home to make sure her potatoes were ok for the salad she had to make for Sunday dinner! She pulls out some excuse┬'s to get out of runs! Paula had also told us that after she came home from the club cycle yesterday she went off track cycling with her dad!! Does she ever stop!!! She is beginning to make most training plans look like easy sessions! We also touched on the subject of Ultra marathons and how she would like to do one! She even wanted to do one on a treadmill! I know ! An ultra marathon on a bloody treadmill! Where would you get! Paula even claimed that she would do it in the name of live performance art! Honestly I kid you not! I think she has finally convinced me that she is a mad as a box of frogs!
On the final lap though, I could feel the back of my knee paining me, I stopped once to stretch it out a bit but carried on to the end! Paula wanted to do another 500 or so meters so I walked back to my car with a bit of a limp L ! Hopefully it┬'s only a strain, as my mam would always say when I came home from school after playing a rugby match!
Until next week folks
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