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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)

DaveMilneby DaveMilneApr 26th 2011
Last week i was struggling with a bit of a niggle behind the knee so i eased up on the training esp running, i didn't go to the club run session on Wednesday, i cycled down with paula and helped out Liuwe by taking out of the groups, Majella aka the beast tore her hamstring one the first hill so she will be out for few weeks, she wont be out with the herd either.
Friday was swimming and Liuwe has upped the distance for us, i think it was over 2500mtrs we done and its gonna increase every week so im well looking forward to it!
Saturday we decided to go the longest we have done to date, 100k on the bikes. we had 9 of us in the group and pace was on the cards, the route was Lusk-Rush-Skerries-Balbriggan-Drogheda-Slane-Ashbourne-Swords and back to lusk! i was feeling good troughtout the spin and even done a few stints at the stop much to everyones delight as im a great wind stopper!!! While going through Drogheda i nearly got cleared out of it by a jeep! i mean this tart was about a millimeter away from hitting me with his window and i would have ended up in the ditch and probably dragged Ger in with me (not in that way!!!!, altho he would like it) this is becoming a part of the norm in these cycles! nearly getting creamed out of it by cars or jeeps! it will only be a matter of time before one of us gets a knock!!! the roads were allot better after drogheda with lots of room in the hard shoulder of the road for us all to cycle in pairs! we even had some nice views !
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
a quick blink and we were past ashbourne! well i think it was Marc pushing the pace that made us fly passed it! quick left turn and we were on the way to swords , Home bound! on the road into swords we got caught up behind a tractor and it wasn't long before Rob decided to up the pace a overtake it and shoot off down the road! so like most people, Monkey do what monkey see and we all followed! overtaking and screaming like mad men but we all survived, even Kev followed suit and overtook the tractor! pace was up around 35kph and bang!!!! Jeremy's front tyre gone!!! this is the second time his tyre has gone in less than a month! we pulled over for a pit stop and wee break! like all lads do!!
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
finished off the cycle and we headed home. Great cycle with 100k in the bag. after every good work out I gets a good feed and off to my mam and Dads for a BBQ we went. I even had a few beers to top it all off :-) ! Sunday was Easter Sunday and as i was off chocolate for the last 3 or more weeks i decided to start the day with a cream egg for breakfast and about 2 and a half full Easter eggs in a Sunday of crazed chocolate feeding frenzy!!!! Sunday evening i was like a car crash!!! sugar overload and mega comedown! sarah was driving me home from her mothers and i was in the passenger seat with twitchy legs, wide awake while feeling sleepy and a MEGA headache!!!! lesson learnt too much sugar is nearly as bad as going out on the piss all day!!!!!!!
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
Monday was a bank holiday so a few from the club organised a sea swim, so we all met in Skerries but i had misjudged the tides... oops !!! there was still water but not lots, still as we had good numbers we were not gonna back out! so in we went and guess what it was FREEZING
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
We swam around from the captain's to the springer's, its about 750mtrs at most id say but it was choppy so it was a good swim. Stuart (my enemy in Galway) was standing on the beach waiting for me to come out to gloat that he was quicker and that he is deffo gonna win in galway! I didn't even know that our swim was a micro test to see where we were between us swim wise! i was stopping making sure everyone was OK during the swim while disco stu was swimming like a mad man to stay ahead of me and get to the beach 1st! we will see Stu come September!!!! I also hit my toe off a rock getting into the water by Christ was it sore!
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
This week was gonna be a busy week in work for for me covering for a guy that was on holidays and with me with a new sore toe(above) and a tight calf i knew i wasn't gonna get much training in and this might have been a good thing because my body got a chance to rest. Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday i didn't do a tap of training, was in work early and working late so i missed a few pool sessions with Barbie. Friday i headed for a club swim and we had a lovely 20x100meter set! myself and mono took off together with him leading out the first 5 and i took over to lead out the rest!it was a good session, its nice to get a bit of distance into our sets, i find that i can keep on going in the swim and i don't seem to mind going for long periods of time. thee was a gala on after our training session and im nearly sure that even the skinny people in our club were feeling fat beside some of the top swimmers! there is more meat on a butchers pencil than them, id say they were well impressed in the bondi togs though! i did catch a few envious looks from them ! Jealous.. ha ha ha
we headed out saturday morning to Howth for some hills .. again!!!!
the hills don't seem to be getting any easier, even the down hills are hard! we stopped up the summit of Howth for an owl group photo and snack break! the girl were somewhere around the hill and missed the chance the get in the photo and potentially missed the chance to get snapped up by a model agency that would be reading my blog!! OK maybe not but still they missed out! my last two photos Ive noticed my helmet leans to the side! humm i wonder does my egg shaped head cause this! i might need to skim a few inches from the top of my skull, anyone know anyone that could do it for me?
Two weeks blogging into one blog :-)
My legs were very sore after this cycle, it was kinda like how i felt a few weeks back after doing a kettlebells class... compression tights on and off down my mammys for guess what !!! another BBQ, i even headed to the pub with my dad to watch the Leinster match!
Sunday i did fook all except cycle of to Sarahs mams for dinner and to meet the brothers new chick, i cycled over on the TT bike and knocked off ten minutes off my previous time on my road bike! i was even cycling into the wind most of it ! I'm sure the brothers new chick got a shock when i arrived in fully Lycra'd up to the eyeballs! not a pretty sight i might add! thats me not her!
Monday was another bank holiday-two Mondays in a row yeepeeee! so i met up with Liuwe our Tri coach for a 6 week training plan, i had also told him that my calf- behind the knee was still sore and within a minute i was up on his plint thingy with needles sticking out of nearly everywhere!!!!!!! i was like a bloody pin cushion ! then he tells me he is gonna heat them to about 200.c !!!! is that not what you would cook meat at?????? my life was beginning to flash before my eyes but Liuwe assured me i would be fine! when he was removing the needles he should me the length of them, they are fooking HUGH, but he didn't push the needles in the whole way he tells me! if he did they would come out the other side of my leg im thinking! but Ive never been a fan/believer of that kinda stuff but after i got the acupuncher it felt a lot better and Liuwe told me to go for a run later in the day and see how i felt! feeling slightly used and dirty i headed home for a cold shower with some bleach and a nail brush! but there was a Triathlon training day thingy on the course that our club is holding a triathlon so i wanted to head up to that to try out the run! we were running the course and same for the bike, the sea was too rough to get in any sort of swimming. this was my first run in a two weeks but after my needle session early that morning i was feeling good! the pain wasn't completely gone but it was allot more comfortable to run than the run i did with Paula and Barbie 2 weeks ago! result for me, all the rest and needles helped :-). we done the cycle course and i think that bike times will be very quick overall in the triathlon. to cool down after the cycle we opted to head to skerries for a swim as we thought it might be a little more calmer! fail!! just as bad and the Boardmans refused point blank to get in as did Paul brod and Keith so it looked like it was just Dumb and Dumber (myself and pauile mc) it was mental, the waves were big going out and we were toying with the fact that we could have gotten launched up against the rocks ! we stayed in for about 10 minutes and not swimming very far we opted out! it was more hassle getting out than i was getting in! we were getting washed around every way and Paulie didn't help matters by taking an age to climb the ladder while im getting spun around by the waves holding the ladder with one arm for dear life! i learned one thing from that swim that is get to the ladder ahead of Paul!!!!!!!
over and out!
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