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Tinydave heading for the                Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Tinydave heading for the Galway Half-Ironman 2011
Hello all,
My names Dave Milne and I'm part of Fingal Tri Club. Just sticking up my training and thoughts as i train for the Galway Half Ironman. This is my second season in Triathlons and I'm just as excited as i was last please feel free to look at my blog, the people I name in this blog are great Fingal Tri members, great training partners and now are becoming great friends.

Week out... Well Kinda

DaveMilneby DaveMilneJun 14th 2011
As i was feeling pretty much shite the whole week and weekend i opted to give my body a rest and take most of this week off, The herd was even doing a lovely 100k spin followed by a 10k run on Saturday morning and i missed that :-( i even got up to tell them that i wasn¬'t going and i even depressed myself a little bit more doing that! How sad is that, missing a hard session and feeling depressed!)? Most of Saturday was filled with laying on the couch drifting in and out of sleeps Ville until i had to head out and get a suit fitted for my best mates wedding. This was going to be hard because there was not a toilet in sight and my tummy was rumbling! Suit fitting done and off back to lie on the couch to feel sorry for myself. Wasn¬'t long lived because Sarah was out with the girls and i was minding the boys! O it was a rager of a night, Booze, Pizza, Sweets and even Strippers! Well Booze = Bop, Pizza = pizza for Ben, formula for Luke, Sweets = sweets for kids and not me, Strippers = the two boys going for showers and baths! Not really a rager but it was fun!
Sunday was a wash out for the weather and me; with the most active thing i done was change the channel on the TV! Thank god i didn¬'t do the Wicklow 200! That could have been messy... Very messy indeed!
Sunday also gave me time to hang around the house and annoy everyone and mess up the house much to Sarah¬'s delight! She always tells me that the house is kept clean when im out training! Im messier than the boys she tells me!
Week out... Well Kinda
Week out... Well Kinda
Then By Monday Little spooky (Luke) had caught what i had was in a very clingy state, the poor chappy didn¬'t know what he wanted, sit up or down, drink a bop or not. He ended up opting for the warmth of his Daddy while watching Mickey Mouse!
Week out... Well Kinda
Ive a feeling this week might be a long week. Maybe i will just go back training...!
Can i hold out from parading around in the Lycra! Maybe i will wear it to bed in a hope to stop my thinking about training!
On a different note there has been talk about two sea swims with club members. One is from Skerries to Loughshinny (non-wetsuit) and the other one Dinny had the brain wave of, is Rush to Lambay Island! (I'm hoping wetsuits) It would be nice to do both, as it will only help for Galway!

Tuesday and Wednesday I hadn¬'t done much, more walking the dogs and being Bens Taxi.
Week out... Well Kinda
Thursday I gad felt in great form and was totally over my little illness so I opted for a 10k run to see how I felt, I had also updated the firmware on my Garmin so I had hoped that my Heat rate monitor started to give proper reading!
Bingo, it did! 140bpm for the first 5k and then 150-155bpm on the way back as I increased my pace! Even went up to 180bpm going up a hill instead of the normal 220bpm so I was happy!
Friday I went swimming with the club and the mad Dutchman had us doing 5x500m !!!! I loved the idea but not this morning¬... Still I done 4 of them but died on the last one with Mono asking me ¬"what happened on the last one Davy, with a smug grin¬"
Saturday morning we had a Flying Dutchman brick session that he promised wouldn¬'t be as hard as the last one he done! (Thank god) 2 loops ¬- 1 run ¬- 1 loop ¬- 1 run ¬- 1 loop ¬- last run flat out! As with every hill I do I got dropped at the hill from the main group so it was myself and Mark for the rest of the session in a tit for tat battle on the bikes and run but I did pull it out of the bag on the last loop and held out for the run victory (even if was only a training session, I still won in my own mind)! Session over and we all back in Lusk, Dinny had the brain wave to head for a sea swim in the afternoon but when push came to shove he decided that he wanted to surfing instead¬.... So Jeremy and myself had an afternoon nap after our recovery pizzas in my house while watching the golf! (Separate couches I might add)!
Sunday I was going to head out for a run before collecting Ben from his 1st camping trip with the Beavers!
This is what I was created with¬....
Week out... Well Kinda
He had slept about 4 hours and was adamant he wasn¬'t tired!
Week out... Well Kinda
10mins later
Then it was off to another BBQ (Nom Nom fest with Sarah¬'s mam making some of her trademark Cheesecake!) im known to have eating half of one of her cheesecakes in one sitting after a big meal! It¬'s delish!
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