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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

2015 so far, battling Bedford,TT season and future plans.

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Apr 17th 2015
1st things 1st. My Mum!! As regular readers of this impressive and stimulating blog will know, my Mum, Linda has Breast Cancer. And as Ive said before this is a triathlon blog, but, personal feelings and problems do have an effect on our training, whether it be a lack of sleep due to worry or thinking sod it I'm having a few beers as life is too short!!
Now, Mum has battled this Cancer for quite a few months now, Chemo done! surgery done! So is there light at the end of the tunnel? too bloody right! This week she had it confirmed the Cancer has not spread, unfortuantly she will have to have 3 weeks of Radiotherapy, but this is just a precaution! So my Mum, has nearly beaten this,and hopefully this time next year she can really enjoy her retirement and get back on the horse!! So here's to you Mum, keep making us proud and you have shown what a fighter and positive person you are!
Also, a mega shout out to Col K (Dad) who has gone through this to, but has kept a positive outlook whilst dealing with other problems,he has kept Mum fed on homemade bread and cake! So hang in there, you are nearly there! x

So what does this have to do with me and triathlon? Well Mum and I want to do a bit of fundraising for a Breast Cancer charity. So, 2016 I am going to take on The day in the lakes triathlon, and try to raise as much cash as I can, Team Kelly will be going mob handed and I expect a Kelly takeover of the Lake District!!
We will also do other fundraising things throughout the year, so please watch this space! Thank you.

Okey dokey thats the family thing out the way, its all about me now!!

The 29th March saw me heading south to The Bedford Autodrome for an Olympic distance Duathlon. THe course as you can imagine would be smooth fast tarmac, nice and dry and a sunny spring like morning to put us in a good mood! Nah! The wind and rain started during the pre race brief and got worse throughout the 2 hours and 14 minutes it took me to race the 10k run, 40k bike and 5k run.
The 10k run took me just over 43 mins, and by the time I came into T1 to collect my bike I was soaked and windswept!! Anyway, man up boy and get on with it!
The bike was 8 laps, and by the 4th lap I was numb! I struggled to change gears and even worse I lost count of the laps! It took 1 hour and 6 mins for me to get round, and to be honest this is the 1st time I've ever considered quitting a race, I was so cold!!
I got into T2 a shivering wreck of a man, my fingers were there but I couldn't feel them to undo my helmet strap, thankfully friend and all round top NiceTri marshall David Stead was on hand to lend a fatherly figure by assisting me in taking of said helmet and pointing me in the right direction for the 5k run!
My legs were moving, and I'm sure my feet were attached to the end of them, but total numbness had descended all over me! The wind had become galeforce and the driving rain made for a very unpleasant and slow 2 laps of the race track. Luckily coach John Hibbert had turned up to lend support and kept on encouraging me. I was shocked as it was early on a Sunday and he didn't have a hangover!
All in all it was a character building process! Huge thanks everyone that turned up to race, but especailly all the marshalls for cheering us on and helping us through! So well done Keith and team, but next time book some decent weather!!

The next race was The Cambourne 10k. Team Kelly were out in force on a blustery (there's a theme developing)! Sunday morning, My sister in law was doing the race with her friend Mark, My Wife Jo and daughter Gracie came along and Brother Bren was offering vocal encouragement down the home straight!

Now Carey had some drama as somebody feinted in front of her during the race, so being the caring girl she is, she stopped to offer her assistance and put her goal of an hour to one side,she still managed to beat her time of a few years ago!
I felt my race plan went well, and felt good all the way round, I paced it well and clocked 42.30, so I was really pleased!

Next up, on Wednesday was the start of TT season with Bourne Wheelers,the 1st TT is a 5 mile blast! And it hurts!
I did 11.59, so not to shabby and was beaten by much better cyclists, so no disgrace there, still came 5th and 3rd Wheeler overall. The thing is I've posted a time and now have to try and beat it!
I'm hoping to do as many TT's with The Wheelers as I can, we had 25 turn up on Wednesday, which is fantastic!

So the future, well obviously 2016 will be aiming for The day in the Lakes triathlon and assisting in some fundraising.

The near future sees me racing in the Mojo triathlon in my home city of Peterborough, which will be a good benchmark to see where I am in preperation for The Grafman at Grafham Water at the end of June, both are middle distance races, I am fully focused on racing these and not just turning up! Whatever happens I shall give it my all!

Training has been going well, and with my recent purchase of a power meter I really hope to see some improvements and decent structure to my training, that is once I get to grips with all the data and figures, it's a minefield!!

So there you have it, 2015 so far has been a bit undulating!!

Race hard, race safe, but mst of all enjoy!


P.S. Apologies for any mistakes in this drivel I've just scribed, had a few issues with the keyboard on works computer!
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