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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

All about priorities

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Apr 30th 2013
Since my last blog, things have been very busy for me. In just 5 days time I shall be getting married to Jo, so as you can expect the chat has all been about the upcoming nuptials!
So hence the title for this blog! Triathlon is a massive part of my life as it is with all of my hundreds of followers who read this drivel! But families come 1st, and much to the suprise of the future Mrs K, she and my daughter, Gracie come before Triathlon, because without their support I would be a sweaty, smelly wreck!
The future wife now has a new washing machine, and the smile on her face when the John Lewis men delivered it will stay with me forever! (I'm hoping my compression tops will now smell a little sweeter to be honest)!

Right now on to the 1st race day of the season! Lincoln sprint! I awoke to lovely blue skies and bright sunshine...perfect!!
I was up early for my bowl of porridge, and set off to meet fellow Stamford Tri athlete Jon Dundee, at the glamorous OK Diner near Stamford!
Quick nervous wee, and we shot up the A1. Well he shot up the A1, I struggled to keep up, and thought if he races like he drives I'm in the Sh*te here!!!
We arrived in Lincoln to meet some other STC members and to catch Vicky Clarke start her race, she did very well considering the blokes in her lane were literally trying to swim over her!! The girl did well!
At 1034 it was our turn, Paul Stoker, Jon and I jumped into the pool at the race was on!
Suprisingly I was 1st out the pool in our group, only to hear Jon twittering in my ear as he came out 2nd, again I thought sh*te he has energy to talk!!
Out of T1 and the bike leg had began, up the 1st hill and that was it, we were flying, I was pleased with the bike leg and came into T2 feeling good. My lack of run training certainly showed as I did a slow 5K in 22.07, and Jon whipped by me, at that point I found some energy to throw him some abuse!
Not too far behind Paul came in and looked very comfortable. I knocked 4 mins off my PB so was chuffed to bits!
A shout out to other friends too, Di who won her age group, and a special mention to William Kirstein and Jimmy Robinson who posted amazing times and finished in top 20, despite swimming an extra 4 lenghts! doh! Learn to count chaps!
Now I know on my last blog I moaned about my swimming, so I thought what can I do and to make me feel the love for chlorine once again. Simples! Wind down the training and get some purpose back to my swimming! I bought a fantastic new book, called The Time Crunched Triathlete, and in a nutshell it does what it say on the front cover!
My swims came down from splashing about for 2.5k to just down to around 1.8k and gave me my confidence back! I am working through a training programme from the book and I love it!
My times may not improve but I am a happier Triathlete!
I have also been training quite hard on the Tri bike, thanks to a good session with Ben Price from Kinetic Velo, he gave me some training programmes and great advice, plus sorted my position out, so big thanks to Ben!
On to some club news now folks! I have been asked to be socail coordinator for Stamford Tri Club, we had a good curry night last Weds and some positive things came out from the evening.
I have also been training with Bourne Wheelers, doing my 1st 10 mile TT on a very windy evening! I posted a time of 26.49, which I was happy with considering the conditions.
I have also been doing the chain gang rides which has been helping my cycling.
Well my next race is Grantham Sprint Tri on 12th May.
Anyway thats enough of my waffling for now, and talking of waffles I do hope the future wife has popped some in the toaster for tonight pudding!!
DazzaTri72by blog author: DazzaTri72, Apr 30th 2013 20:17
Those waffles looked very tasty!
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, May 1st 2013 11:12
Well done knocking 4mins off your PB DazzaTri! That's brilliant! I did Lincoln for the first time this year & really enjoyed it. Good luck at Grantham. PS I think I was in the same lane as Vicky Clarke!
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