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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

Being Inspired,Thurlby 10K and Ripon Triathlon

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Jul 16th 2013
As I pen this notes sitting outside, for another installment of this gripping blog, the mercury is touching 29oc! For my International followers, this is something of a miracle, as our British summers have been a washout the last few years.
Well it looks like being another exciting summer of British sport, some of our teams/athletes are performing amazingly well.
Andy Murray(defiantly British)! won against his fellow Scot, Jock Ovich at Wimbledon to claim the mens singles title. The British Lions went and won in the Aussies backyard, our cricket team are one up in the Ashes and Chris Froome is smashing Le Tour, our Triathletes are winning all over the place with the usual suspects making it look too easy. And not an overpaid talent less premiership footballer in sight!
Long live the British summer i say!
If people can't get inspired to get off the sofa and do something less boring instead(nicked that quote of an 80's tv show)! then there is something wrong with them.
I certainly have been inspired by these amazing performances, it's just a shame my brain is writing cheque's my legs can't cash!
On to my races now, 1st up for July was the Thurlby 10K on Sunday 7th July, it was a 11am start, in blistering hot conditions. It was my 1st time doing this race and what a fantastic event, well organised and super friendly people.
There was a good turnout from Stamford Tri Club which is always nice to see. I had decided to wear my wife's pink headband for the race, which I'm sure looked very fetching! But it did the job in keeping the salty sweat from stinging my eyes. Unfortunately Jeremy Harrison(chap who fixes me through massage) saw me and probably thought, what a plonker! Incidentally I saw him today to be fixed and the 1st thing he said was that he didn't recognise me without my pink headband!
Anyway, the race was a tough undulating course with very little shade, and after 4K I was regretting not going for a swim at Rutland Water instead! I really struggled in the heat and very little shade, but kept going and battled all the demons inside my head telling me to stop and lay under one of the hosepipes, the nice people of Thurlby were spraying us with!
To say I was pleased to see the finish line is an understatement! I came home in 19th place, so fairly respectable, the winner whipped round in 35 mins!! Lots of respect!
The following weekend Team Kelly headed North up the A1 to Ripon for The Black Sheep Triathlon, a 1.5K swim,42K bike and 10K run. We left Deeping St James on the Friday Morning to get to our campsite at beautiful Sleningford Mill, about 6 miles north of Ripon, tent pitched and then it was time to head to Ripon Racecourse, where the Tri was being held for a pint and pasta party. We didn't stay too long, just enough time to check out the transistion area and wolf our lasagne down.
We headed back to our campsite full up and ready for a peaceful evening outside the tent.......nah, not a chance, the place had filled up with hundreds of children running round everywhere, except outside their parents pitches! As the adults slowly got wrecked the kids decided it would be a good idea to keep the rest of us up all night playing outside the water taps (near us) and generally being a pain in the a*se!( I'm starting to be concerned about the Human Race)!
Things couldn't get worse, could they???? Yep, my bed went flat! Enough said!
After approx 2 hours sleep we got up for race day, this was going to be a long day as it was a 2pm start. I must admit I did nearly pull out, as we were all so tired and cheesed off!
We had a team meeting over breakfast, porridge, banana, caffeine tablets, energy gels etc, you know the usual sort of thing, shall I do it was the question? we decided I would give it a go, and if I felt bad after the swim, i would pull out( no chance).
We went to Ripon to register and rack the bikes at about 11am ish, and then I made sure I had plenty to drink and eat. Again it was another red hot day, and trying to entertain our 3 year old was probably the hardest challenge of the day, all she wanted was the inflatable bouncy castles to get blown up! And when they eventually raised from the Earth she was scared of the inflatable tiger!! Kids eh!
Race time for me was 2.10pm, and I was actually looking forward to it until, they announced over the PA that the swim was now a non wetsuit swim, at this point my heart sank, with the rest of me to follow in that lake without a wetsuit!
I was really nervous as I entered the water and the cold certainly woke me up, to be honest I found it tough without the wetsuit but ploughed on and am very proud of myself for getting through it without sinking and keeping my form.
Into transistion after 30mins and on the bike, lovely bike route with some closed roads, nice and fast and fantastic marshalls I paced the bike well and got up to 78th after climbing out the water in 260th! After 1hour 09mins I was back in transistion ready for the word it was a scorcher, not me but the sun, i actually enjoyed the run, the atmosphere along the run route was amazing, people with hosepipes and even a band playing! I took it steady in the heat and came across a packed finishing line in 2hrs 30mins and finished 105th.
The support from my Wife and Gracie in that heat was incredible to say the least, and also to have a friend and his family travel up to support, was overwhelming and something that I really appreciate.
Is this a race I will do again? Too right! The guys at NYPTri did a fantastic job and would recommend it, just don't camp where we did!! Joking aside, massive thanks and respect to all competitors, organisers and volunteers for putting on a fab show!
After the race I did feel unwell, but fish 'n' chips and a few beers back at the campsite soon got me going again, and a good night was had by all!!
The next things I have lined up are The National Sprint Relays in August and then Equinox24 in September.
Training wise, my run is poor at the mo, so things are in place to get that sorted and planning for next year with a few things in the pipe line. Oh and to get The Wife trained up for Woodhall Spa Tri in 2014!!!
Thats all folks, keep racing, keep hydrated and do it with a smile on your face!
ClaireDby member: ClaireD, Jul 24th 2013 15:02
Well done on your races - the Black Sheep Triathlon sounds great, must remember that one for next year. Am just about to write my Woodhall Spa report so will make it sound really positive to encourage your wife!!!
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