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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

Happy New arse!

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Jan 20th 2015
2015 is here! and it's not been the best of starts too be honest. Yes this is now getting personal! As I mentioned in my previous blog ( I think it had a record of 5 readers )!! my Mum is battling the big C, and with that it has brought a rollercoaster of emotions with it. Positive, worry, negative, scared etc. As with all thing's Mum is positive and after a crappy weekend, she is now feeling a bit better. Yes, I know it's a Triathlon blog, but stick with me please. This is therapy for me!
We were just in to the New Year when unfortuantly my Nan (Dads Mum) died. We couldn't believe it! Yes she was 88, but was fit and healthy and there was no inclination that anything was wrong. Sad times indeed, especailly for Dad, who really didn't need this kick in the teeth!
This is 'life' I guess, and something we all have to deal with as we get older. Clearing out Nan's flat was very sad, and to think our possesions may end up in a bin bag gave me a reality check, to think, is this how it ends!???
Anyway, before I get too deep, nothing else was going to go wrong surely?
Oh yep, the heating went on the blink as we hit a cold spell and then the garage door wouldn't open!! (this cost me £65 to sort, most normal men would of been able to fix it, but DIY is not a strong skill I possess!) I know these are small things, but with everything else these felt massive problems! Stupid I know!
Right, this brings me on to triathlon. You see the above is pretty similar to a race, that goes wrong, and it feels like the end of the world!
You come out the water, wetsuit zip gets stuck, what do you do...panic??? Go to get bike, helmet won't do up or you can't find bike! Panic! Small things like this can lead to big things and a total meltdown! All trivial stuff, but it's important to me, so what's the answer to all above?
Well as for my Mum and the passing of my Nan, stay positive, have a cry, have a moan, but keep logical and focus on A) getting Mum better and B) repecting my Nan's life and the good parts.
And as for triathlon, just bloody focus, be logical and don't panic!!!
So what have I been up to training wise? The 1st priority is to shift the Christmas lard, which is hard to do, but I am determined to succeed!
As it is still January, getting some sort of fitness has been my main aim. Doing the Peterborough Park Run on a Saturday morning has really helped me with my running, to get under a 20 min 5K was my target before Christmas. I did it and now it's a case of keeping the momentum going. Sticking with the running theme, I am going to hopefully join Stamford Striders, I went out with them last week on their Tuesday run and really enjoyed it, but crikey there's some fast boys and girls! This can only be a good thing and I'm sure will help me improve for the coming season.
As for biking, thats felt like a struggle, with the wind and the cold, my body likes to bike in warmer weather! I invested in some Rollers, which apart from their comedy value are proving a good source of training when the weather is poor. I have been doing a bit on my turbo too, thanks to GreenlightPT's turbo tuesdays, which is a free online session. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who doesn't have a plan in place yet or to build it into your plan.
Swimming is and always will be a struggle for me. I was making progress with Lynn Chapman who was putting me through my paces, and I really felt like I was going to improve. Unfortuantly I have stopped these due to our local leisure centre charging me over £14 to hire a lane, and along with paying Lynn, this seemed to be getting a bit pricey.
I hope some compromise can be found as it's something I wish to carry on.
From February I best start getting a much more structured plan in place, so I shall no doubt be calling on Chris Carmichael's help via his Time Crunched Triathlete book. I used it to train for The Vitruvian last year, so I am hoping
it will be enough to get me to a sub 5 hour at The Grafman on June 28th!
My 1st races this year, are going to be a Duathlon near Bedford which should be great as it's on a race track and on closed roads, and then I shall be building towards my 1st Tri of the season which I hope to be a local one at Nene Park Peterborough, all I need to do is book them!!!
I will also be doing some TT's with The Bourne Wheelers, which are always tough and you can't beat getting smashed by all these skinny cyclists on a Wednesday night!!
Well that's my year so far and it's only 3 weeks old! I really hope this year improves and everyone will be fighting fit.

Hope all of your training is going well, stay safe and injury free, and remember life is not a rehearsal!

Dazza x

P.S. Apologies if there are any grammatical errors, my English Grammer is as well known as my DIY skills!
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