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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

Nights, soreness,new toy and winter(still)!

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Mar 12th 2013
Well here's my 2nd installment of my blog, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!
My training has been going ok, with my running feeling good and managed a few runs of the bike, still taking it steady as i dread a flare up of PF!
I have been suffering with sore neck and shoulders, i'm not sure why but could have something to do with writing this blog as not used to typing! Maybe it's just a coincidence!
A few days ago I went for an MRI scan on my foot/ankle, so i'm hoping that will give me some indication to the injury I sustained and I hope to get some shockwave therapy, please wait for the next exciting installment for results and updates!!
Well Sat 9th saw the 1st big race of the year at Rutland water, The Dambuster Duathlon, I was there supporting my fellow Stamford Tri Club members and everyone had a great race in freezing conditions, I must say the bacon baps and hot chocolate were 1st class!
This week I recieved my new toy (a sort of wedding pressie to myself as the future wife is getting me on the 5th May)! It's a Giant Trinity Composite 2 Tri bike, it's a beauty, if only I could of got the rear wheel on and off! Thanks to fellow triathlete Paul Lunn popping round and showing me how to do the most basic of tasks! Can't wait to get out on it once this awful weather does one and seeing if i can stay upright!
This week I am working 4 night shifts on the iron road so it's going to be very hard to train, although it's frustrating, work comes 1st as it pays for above toys!
Thanks for you attention, if you've managed to get this far without dropping off, give yourself a pat on the back!
by guest: Mum, Mar 15th 2013 10:38
!This is excellent! You write so well Darren.
You asked for feed back? Always proof read the blog several times, at intervals before sending. I know from experience that mistakes in puntuation, spelling or just hitting the wrong key will not be picked up in the first instance! I can't believe some of the rubbish I have put in an e-mail--- usually to friends--thankfully!
You have some small i's, when you really want capitals. perhaps use a few more full stops to end a sentance, rather than writing a very long sentance. Think of the sentances as you would speak them: Coma for a pause but still talking about the same subject matter. Full stop to stop for a breath (! ) or to change the subject matter.
Hope this is the sort of feedback you want? It is entertaining reading, humerous and well thought out!
Good luck!!!! XX
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