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The train drivers guide to Tri
Welcome to my world.I'm going through a mid life crisis and trying to be the best i can at triathlon with very limited ability! I work as aTrain Driver on the East Coast Main Line, and thought writing this blog would show people who work awful shifts can try and fit in a great sport and keep you fit! I've just been selected to be an ambassador for Xterra Wetsuits so expect plenty of pictures in their wetsuits!

Pumpkins and a Duathlon.

DazzaTri72by DazzaTri72Nov 25th 2013
Winter is here, and I hate it! Sitting here with a cold and sore throat after 5 days is really cheesing me off! And being a man means only one thing....MANFLU! You ladies have no idea how we suffer!
I upped my swimming last week and put in nearly 7k, only to be struck down by this awful disease, so it's been a few days of eating fruit, popping pills and downing lemsips.
Anyway, on to more uplifting things. Since I last put pen to paper, I have competed in 2 races. Whilst a lot of Triathletes were competing in some small event in Kona, for me October had the importance of The Pumpkin Run at Stanwick Lakes! I was joined on the start line by my Wife,Jo, my Sister in Law, Carey and friend Chellie. We all stood on the start line, very chilly and getting blown about by the awful windy conditions. Jo did the 5K run and did herself credit after suffering with a bad back and in tough conditions, the rest of us did the 10k. As usual I started at the back (when will i learn) and had to fight my way through the pack, it was a 2 lap course, as I started my 2nd lap I could see a few runners in front and used them as targets, I eventually caught up with them, but with about 2k to go I started suffering with an awful stitch!! It nearly broke me to be honest! I pushed on and crossed the finish line where Jo was waiting and cheering me on. She said that I had won, but I didn't believe her!! But sure enough, I had won, as the organisers came over and thrust my prize in to my hands.......A PUMPKIN!! ha ha! I've never won anything so I was really chuffed, it may not be up there with most races but I still got off my arse on a cold, wet and windy Sunday morning and 'smashed it'!
The next race was The Grafham water Duathlon run by NiceTri, if you have never done a race with these guys then you really should, I always enjoy it, I have made a few friends and have never once felt intimidated as everyone gets the same encouragement and support. It's how a club and races should be run! There were a few of my friends doing this race, Tom Stead, who smashed it and I think was in the top 5, amazing race for the youngster yet again! Then there were the oldies, Stuart Boyd, who came a fab 38th, then in the top 50 Gareth Williams, it was his 1st ever Duathlon and Tony Gilbert who won his age group, so great racing all round!
It was an early start for us all, and an absolutely freezing start to the day, eventually the sun came up and started to warm us, slightly! The race was a qualifier for the European Championships, so there were plenty of fast athletes on the start line. I really lacked confidence at the start, as again I positioned myself at the back. It was a tough 1st run as the off road 5k was very narrow, so struggled to get going, but was happy with my time and got into T1 feeling good, then it all went pair shaped! I couldn't get my helmet done up, I was in a right flap, so much so the chap next me was laughing his head off! Then I struggled with my shoes. After all that faffing, I eventually got on the bike and had a fairly good ride, I made up a few places, then came in to T2, and couldn't find my place in transistion, so then lost a few places ha ha! The 2nd run went ok, but I hadn't run off the bike for ages, and forgot how awful it felt! Oh and then an oldish chap ran by me with ease, which really got to me!!! Good on him though. After the race, we treated ourselves to a well deserved bacon bap and large coffee. It was another great event, unfortunately I'm working the next Grafham Duathlon, but will look forward to a few races in the summer of 2014 with NiceTri.
So, that was 2013, not a bad year really, pleased with the amount of races I've competed in and yes there is room for improvement, but I think I do ok for a time crunched fat boy from the fens! ;-)
So, next up is the Slateman Triathlon, so all attention is being focused on that, well once this man flu had passed! This is going to be a tough race and the training in the new year will be quite intense, but I know with the support of my family and friends I will complete the brutal race in Wales, and hopefully with a smile on my face!

So 2014 at the moment looks like this, Slateman in May, Ripon Triathlon in July and going long in August at The Vitruvian. I will also be trying to improve my TT times with my local club, The Bourne Wheelers.

Have a great Christmas folks and a very happy fit New Year, eat drink and be merry, then train hard and race harder, good luck!
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