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The view from the bogs
The view from the bogs

up and running

DermotofDerryby DermotofDerryDec 19th 2009
DermotofDerry now up and running !

This is my first venture into the world of blogs and will be using the site to track progress towards my second Ironman in 2011 with a pit stop in 2010 at the UK 70.3.

Getting to grips with how the site works !
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swine flu
DermotofDerryby DermotofDerry Dec 19th 2009
When to bed Sunday with a mild headache and slight sore throat. Awoke at 2am with a banging head and throat and ears that didnít feel like mine and whole body shivering and aching. With the help of NHS Direct and a very understanding wife was und...
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