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"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

Chiquitita - does it really matter

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerMar 21st 2013
So as in write this latest version of my blog on my "Road to Ironman Sweden" I have a little under 150 days to go, this does seem a long way off, however the last period of training was hampered by the British weather and the seasonal chest infections which seemed to like the environment in was and stay a bit longer than it was welcome.

More importantly for me is that these two setbacks have not made much difference to my training plan, currently just a little in percentage terms down on where I wish to be, and it is after all early in the training plan. In the last training phase there have been two major changes in my running, yes for me these are achievements. The first was completing a 8 mile run without having to stop and take my run shoes off to massage my feet, I will see how this goes in a few weeks when I have the first major test of the year, a half marathon. This run was playing a little on my mind following a bad day in the Cardiff Half last October. The second is getting under the 11 minute barrier for a 1600 metre run. Each of these benchmarks may not seem much but the difference in the confidence it has given me is huge.

Planning for the big day never stops, even on a family meal out at Mamma Mia's, Swansea we got around to discussing the fabled carbo loading pre race and on race day. Yes there is the formula of so much carbs to body weight but what does this mean in real terms. What do I eat and drink not only on race day but the day before, week before, bearing in mind I will be travelling and stay in a place / country I have not been to before, so will have the added problem of finding suitable places to eat etc.

One area on this subject is that most of what I can find to read is not geared to a person that can only get around the course close to the cut off times, therefore may be going a lot slower but also is going for a full 16 hours. And before anybody say it, "speeding up is not an option" I am already pushing the limits of my body. So the next few months there is some major trialling of difference foods etc to be done. Any suggestion welcome.

This brings me onto some other thoughts I recent had whilst on one the long swims. It's for those of you who read this and are thinking of taking up a challenge or getting off the sofa, but see the comments about been Chiquitita ("chicked", sorry just needed to get that song title in). Firstly good on you for getting of the sofa / setting yourself a goal - that was a big step. Well from my personal experience you actual get more support than put downs, so what if you get chiquitita, just consider all those sofa hungers who are behind you. A good mantra to follow is "as long as there is attempt, there is no failure". I have finished last, been just inside time cut off, outside time cut offs for more times than can remember. Words of wisdom given too me a few years ago was "If you really want something, and really work hard, take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way (Jane Goodall).

A brief look at What has happen over the last few months. Well in February there was a plan to take part in the Love 10k Run in Cardiff but the chest infection was still having a hold on my breathing so decide to listen to my body and rest up. Other bad news was about an event in my training plan and like others I had a unsuccessful ballot entry into Bike London, a 100 mile plus sportive using the same course as the London Olympics Road Race. The sad news here is like the London Marathon I have never had a successful entry into either of these two events, and have to give serious consideration about attempting in them future years, will make my mind up on this point later in the year. The biggest reason will be how my body reacts to Ironman Sweden, probably the biggest influence will be following a update on my medical condition with my Consultant later in the year.

As normal for me not letting the disappointment of Bike London getting in the way I will now attempt the Wales Middle Distance Triathlon on the weekend I planned for London, so it's Fishguard instead, and a bonus it's the distances I have in my training plan, before I start the taper phase before Kalmar.

Also for a little guilty pleasure and relaxation, I was successful in getting a spot in the Brownsea Island, Poole 6k Sea Swim in July, all for fun. So over the next few weeks there will be a few test events to see how I am doing, with a Half Marathon in Llanelli and the Swimathon 5k Pool Swim.

Once again thank you for all your messages of support, they mean so much to me.
by guest: Andrew G, Mar 21st 2013 13:19
Hi Mike, Great update, I'm glad your seeing the small improvements, and with 150 days to go, you've hopefully got some nice weather ahead. Keep it going. All the best Andrew
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