"Are you limited by your Challenges" or "are you challenging your limits"

I Live with a Neuromuscular / Spinal Condition and plan to 'Challenging My Limits' 2017 my goal was the Lake Zurich 26km Marathon Swim.

Where do I go from here? #destinationunknown

Just Like That - the weeks are rolling on

DragonRunnerby DragonRunnerApr 26th 2013
"Just like that" the weeks are rolling on, This is probably the last blog before the summer Tri season starts here in the UK. Like a good number of others the early season training has not been helped by the great British weather, at least where I live it has not had the effect on missing that many sessions as some parts of the country.

What I have noticed from some people is that it has had a negative effect on their state of mind and where they are in their training, me including. It was whilst reading a social media entry I recall a small note that was given to me a whole back, when I started to notice a long term effect of my medical condition (and I really cannot remember who from) but it had such a positive impact on me, I often recall it as a mantra, but it is a little to big to put on my bike or drink bottle (maybe someone will put it on a T-shirt). But it's worth sharing with you all

When others think you can┬'t : You Believe!
When you get down : You Believe!
When you are taking on water trying to conquer the swim : You Believe!
When you are trying to make that first milestone jogging and your lungs are about to explode : You Believe!
When your legs are burning and you just don┬'t want to pedal your bike any more : You Believe!
When you don┬'t want to get out of bed on a cold rain drenched morning : You Believe!
When you feel like you are making no progress : You Believe!
Bottom line : You Believe!

We all have our bad days and good days, for me one of the benefits of using social media is the attitude of my fellow Celtic Tri members who support each other, whatever type of day you have. I do have a some funny thoughts on the track that some threads take and end up with something completely different, but it these like minded people who support each other and deserve the title of simply the best Tri club there is, and may it be that way for years to come - thank you.

So how is "Operation Abba" going, well to start with I have swum, biked and run further than at a similar point in previous years, but even better than that both my mind and body feel good at the way I am completing sessions.

The water work is good from a pool perspective, getting the distance and technique swims in, and I have the 5k Swimathon this week to let me evaluate where I am. Openwater is a little behind but what do you expect with the water temperature not raising much from the freezing over the last few weeks. Have got some swims in, but time in the water has not been as long as I would have liked.

As for the bike work, my main goal for the first part of the year has been to change how I ride, one of the main considerations was to introduce riding on Aerobars. To my surprise I have made the transition to them a lot quicker than expected. I have also concentrated on my biomechanics which once again due to what is happening to my body needed correcting, the result is that I feel a lot smoother on the rides. The training phase will be to add in a lot more hills and distance, with a aim to building strength up.

And now to discuss the dreaded run element. Firstly for me this is an area where I have seen the biggest change in the last few years. At present I am not getting the problems that I have experience over the last few years with foot pain. This has really got in the way of any quality training in the past. When I look back why, the only real change I have made is the referral to see a Physio, so a little bit of Becky Magic has helped.

However the biggest draw back is that I am still waiting for the results of test etc to put a tag on my condition (may be, just maybe in the next few weeks). This does play with my mind, but just got to remember the saying "Whenever you feel weak, remember the things that made you strong; whenever you start to doubt yourself. Remember those who believe in you". I must remember that whatever my condition turns out to be there will always be someone worst than me who cannot do what I do, and I feel for them, but also there will always be "couch potatoes", that group have a chance to change their lives, it's their choice?

Last week was my first test of the season with a half marathon in Llanelli, which was run at the same time as a full marathon. What was truly humbling was there attitude of the runners to the sad events in the "Boston Marathon" the week before, and how the running / triathlon world stood in memory of those who lost their lives or injured. I am so proud to be part of that community. For me not enough has been said about the people respond to the "SOS" calls of those in need on that day and turn around to help other in need at a time of distress of others, many of whom their did not know those around them and where "under attack", your are all truly inspiring.

The run for me, may not have been the fastest, but I was really happy with how it was run, with 2 hour 50, it was close to an hour faster than any of my half marathons last years, so I am on track with where I want to be. Some other problems are emerging but I will work out a way to get around them. The other major improvement is where and the distance I am covering on training runs, these are totally different and an improvement from previous years.

So over the next few weeks I have the following to complete as part of the mythical road to Kalmar, Swimathon 5k swim, Sarn Helen 80 mile sportive, Eton 10k swim, Llanelli Sprint Triathlon and the Outlaw Middle Distance Triathlon so as I have said before say hello as you lap / pass me, I will be at the back of the pack somewhere, and thank you for your support.
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